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by - November 05, 2013

Those who followed me on Instagram or those who are friends with me on Facebook, most probably knew that I have recently changed my phone, AGAIN. I know.. It's still hard for me to believe that I actually own an iPhone5s right now. Just 8 months ago, my parents bought a new Samsung Galaxy Note II Limited Edition - Pink for me and after 8 months, I got another phone.

My new Silver iPhone5s:

I first saw this phone on 1st of November, which is just last Friday in Aeon Station 18 with Marissa to survey some cupcakes for our English proposal assignment. Of course, when I first saw it, I went "OMG! iPhone5s is already in Malaysia! I want one!". I admit, I'm a girl who wants every single thing that I see. When I went back home, I told my parents about it and they just nodded their head because we agreed before that we will not discuss anything further about iPhone anymore. 

On Saturday, I couldn't wake up until it was 12pm but I was having a really bad headache and could not even sit up straight. After lunch, I started having difficulty in breathing and I felt really really dizzy to the extent that I even cried. Immediately, my mom called my dad to come home and they took me to the hospital. I didn't even know what was happening to me and why was I like that. I guessed I was panicking too much that my pulse rate went up to almost 200. The doctor had no choice but to sedate me, or else Vasovagal Syncope attack may happen. Long story short, I spent my deepavali in the hospital and I am fine now. 

Due to the sedation, I slept for about 34 hours and my parents had to force me to wake up to eat something as they were worried that I may have gastric attack due to long hours of no food consumption. When I finally got myself out of bed and went down for breakfast, my dad started talking about how much he likes Note II and started asking me about the price of iPhone5c/5s. Later in the afternoon when we were in Aeon Kinta City, my dad saw the DiGi plan for iPhone5c/5s and ever since then, we have been talking about it.

He has been considering of selling off his Samsung S3 Mini as the value for it is dropping. So, the final decision was, he did sold off his S3 Mini, bought me an iPhone5s and he took over my Note II. ( He changed the cover of the phone to black ).

The thing I'm loving the most about this new iPhone of mine is it's front camera. ( Sorry, I'm a girl who just likes to self-capture alot, like ALOT. My personal opinion, it's better than Samsung's front camera. ) Besides the camera, the fingerprint phone lock is very cool as well! And guess what, you can actually save more than one person's thumbprint for the security lock. So, for now everyone in my family can access my phone because everyone wanted to try that function.

iPhone is in a way easier to use, but I just need to time to get used to it. I have been an Android user for years now. Hehh.. Not sure is it because of the iOS7 or because of the iPhone5s itself, it can no longer use non-original accessories such as cables and chargers. It can only use original ones. So, I bought an extra cable and also a power bank. Oh yeah, is it just my iPhone or is all the iPhones the same? The battery seem to drop really fast.

Yeap, everything's WHITE!

Despite all the arguements and misunderstandings we often have at home, I still love my family very much and I'm sure they love me as much as I love them as well. I am happy and grateful to have them as my parents. If I was to belong with some other family and not them, I don't think I will be this fortunate. I might even have died from my medical condition. Thanks to God, for letting me to have them in my life, is truly the greatest blessing anyone can ever get.

I will cherish and appreciate everything that I have and I get in my life. I have said this to myself a million times, and I am going to repeat it again. "It's time to stop being a spoilt child and start to appreciate thing that I have in life". Samsung may have lots of extra features but I think I'm still a big fan of Apple. All I need to do now is to get used to a smaller screen phone again and to learn up how to use iTunes and iCloud. Before that, I hope exams and assignments will end soon. 

I always compare myself with people who are most fortunate than me, but why I never compare myself with people who are far less fortunate than me?

Got myself a transparent protective casing. It's glow in dark too!

Thank you for serving me well for the past 8 months. Although I still prefer iPhone, but you will be missed.

Bought a new floral jumpsuit for RM40 from Voir, Ipoh Parde. Gosh, I love clearance sale!
First few selfie with mahh new iPhone!

If blogging is my assignment, I'll be more than happy to finish up everything that very moment.

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  1. "I always compare myself with people who are most fortunate than me, but why I never compare myself with people who are far less fortunate than me?". Simple is that, the grass is always greener on the other side. It's human nature to be greedy and always take the best to compare with their life. & When you gain something so easily, your desire to want more is greater. If you feel that its not right to ask that much then control yourself and appreciate what you have lol :p Just my 2cents. No offense. Haha.

    Anyway, take good care of your health! The usual advice, get a lot of rest and drink more water. If possible don't drink coffee cause it increases your heart rate. Eat more fruits and vegetables! I know I sound like a mom here. So imma end here. Hahaha. Ciao!

    1. Heh heh. I mean, I am happy that I got this new phone but at the same time, I feel bad as well for being too greedy :P Hehhhhhhh..
      Anyway, thanks for the advice! No worries.. you don't sound like a mom to me because you're my best buddeh ^^ You take care too yeah .. XOXO.. Hope to see you soon and hopefully our holiday plan works, someday :P