Christmas Eve 2013

by - December 26, 2013

For the first time ever, my family celebrated Christmas in Ipoh. Nothing personal, but just for a change. Since Christmas will be in Ipoh for me, I had the chance and opportunity to join my high school friends for breakfast on Christmas Eve morning. We did not had any meet up ever since SPM results day. Glad to see them after so long and they have not change ever since they left high school. Everyone is still as crazy and maniac as usual. 

After few weeks of discussing on the venue, we finally decided to meet up at Happy 8. Coincidently, there's also 8 of us. Heh Heh! Fatt fatt! 

My outfit of that morning :)
Photo credits to Belle ^^

When I arrive, I was the third last to be there because I had to direct my relatives to a dim sum restaurant first before my mom can drop me off at Happy 8. Not long after that, we were joined by Min Yi and Belle and all of us are finally reunited! Managed to give them some souvenirs that I bought from Australia last year. Well, better late than never right? Haha! Hope they love it.

There's not much choice of breakfast set as all the Croissant were not available on that day and the sets come with either coffee or tea. So, all of us only ordered 2 types of .. food? LOL! 

Flat-wrap bread
(If I'm not mistaken the name and spelling)

Tuna Sandwich
Being the usual me, I ate only some of the tomatoes and green vege until I can't take it anymore, I took the rest of it out.

We were seated at the same place where my family and I sat. I call it the bamboo room. LOL! Love the environment in that small 'room' but then the table is a little too low for meals. After placing our orders, we walked out of the 'room' and asked one of the waiter to help us take a group photo. The first waiter that was suppose to help us to take a group photo, literally failed in using my DSLR because he has no idea how does it function. Thank God for that another waiter came by and helped us with another shot. 

Our orders came in a while and we started eating, lots of catching up although I don't know what some were talking about. Heh Heh! After that, we exchanged our Christmas gifts that we bought for each other. Unfortunately, Mei Yan forgot to bring hers. So, we ended up only exchanging gifts among 7 of us.

Tyana got Christmas Ornaments from Wynnona 

Belle got some bear thing that can be hung in cars from Tyana

Wynnona got a bag from Ee Kei

I got a soft toy from Min Yi

Min Yi got a Swarovski pen from Wai Leng

Ee Kei got a necklace from Belle

Lastly, Wai Leng got a Line doll from me

Not long after exchanging gifts, did a little photoshoot session for Wynnona and Belle because they wanted to change their profile pictures. Heh! Heh! I wasn't doing a really good job is helping them with portrait shots because I really don't know what was the best angle to take. I hope they like the picture. Hehe! After that, boo boo came over to Happy 8 to fetch me back home for Christmas Eve lunch. Introduced him to everyone and he helped us with another group shot which was so much better than the one taken by the waiter. Hehe! My boo boo is always so awesome ^^

Till the next time, girls :)

In return, Wai Leng took over my DSLR and helped us took a shot in Happy 8. 

With Mr Gloomy Bear :D

On the way home, we stopped at Yau Kee to collect the curry chicken bread that mom ordered few days ago. I hope the food did not make your car smelled like curry. Heh Heh! When we arrived home, the adults were out except for my mom and my cousins. Introduced boo boo to my cousins and yes, they finally got to meet him. YAY! 

Look who came over to join for Christmas Eve lunch :P

Curry Chicken Bread

I wonder how many girls did not swoon over this picture of him :P

Christmas cake courtesy of my awesome boyfriend

Chit-chatted a little with my relatives after lunch and we took Eugene out for a car ride in boo boo's baby white Vios and then he went back home. 
Hope you like the present my mom gave you, and also I hope you had fun meeting so many new people in one day ^^

When evening came, everyone started preparing and getting ready for BBQ as Christmas Eve dinner. 

The boys were trying to start the fire while the girls....

Camwhore! XD

How my house look like that night..
Reminds me so much of my Christmas party 2 years back as well as my 16th Birthday party

Golden, the director of that night :P

Let's start burning the food :D

Ohyeah, I look super horrible here :P and Joshua is missing from this shot

After dinner, David played the guitar and all of us sang Christmas carols like drunk-tarts. I guess we were the noisiest resident in the neighbourhood. Heh Heh! When the guitarist are out of chords, the pianist took place and everyone went into the house to continue the singing session with my sister, me and David as the music accompaniment. My sis and I did a duet that we both practice before a few years back and I'm glad we still sound great. 

While waiting for the clock to strike 12am, the adults just watched TV and the kids did their own thing. My sis, Damian, David and me played a game called 'Bluff' using UNO cards where you will have to bluff your way through in order to finish up all the cards in order to win. So, yeah. It's fun in a way. Heh Heh!

When the clock finally turned 12, everyone wished each other Merry Christmas and we exchanged big warm hugs. Dad bought this bottle of wine from Perth and we made a toast with it in a very chinese way with the long 'YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM....... SENGGG..'. HAHA!

People take sips when it comes to wine, but the kids took it as shots! LOL! I could literally feel that my throat was burning but it wasn't even alcohol! Heh Heh! Don't know what went wrong. 

The grand finale of Christmas Eve, was present opening time! I got a pyjamas and lip gloss from my grandmother, a purse from my relatives from Singapore and bangles from Forever 21 from my relatives from Penang. 

Everyone went to sleep after that as we need to attend the morning church mass the next morning. :)
That's my Christmas eve this year and I will continue my Christmas Day post when I come back from Singapore on 31st of December. Stay tune :)

Signing off.
Cheers and Merry Christmas, readers :)

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