Christmas Day 2013

by - January 01, 2014

Hello readers! Miss me?? Hehe!! Or were you guys ( if anyone reads my blog ) felt relieve for the past few days because there were no annoying posts on my blog? HAHA! Well, sorry readers but she's back to being the annoying blogger. Heh Heh!

Before I continue my blogpost about my Christmas Day, let me wish everyone a Happy New Year! Have a great year ahead and also every years to come, everyone!

This is how I spent my NYE and New Year's countdown :)

A crappy video of us of wishing everyone a Happy New Year! ^^

25th December 2013
Everyone had difficulty in waking up that morning as everyone slept late the previous night. Everyone looked like zombies early in the morning at church. While I was just playing with my phone, a girl wearing a really really high heels walked pass me and I really wondered how people survived wearing such high heels. Slowly as she was hanging around the organ in the church, I somehow find her very familiar and soon, I realized. It was Pauline!

Ooyeah. I look like a very pale ghost. LOL! 

We gave each other a big tight hug and wished each other Merry Christmas. On that day, I was given the opportunity to listen to her singing and she's so good at it! I really envy people who are born with the gift of a beautiful voice and they can sing so beautifully without even have to try. 

After church, everyone went back to my place and we turned my house's living room into a studio where we took a few or should I say a lot of pictures together with the use of tripod and also the timer. :)

Family portrait
Not a complete one because the Chow's from Australia are not here

The girls vs the boys

Grandchildren with their lovely grandmother

Cousins today, tomorrow and always

Family portrait

After this little photoshoot session, everyone went out for lunch and after that, everyone made their way back home. Things seem to be more lively on Christmas Eve than on Christmas Day itself. Heh! Heh! I actually enjoy having guests around in the house although I will always have to give up my room but it makes the environment more lively. 
See you guys during Chinese New Year! ^^

Just got back from Singapore yesterday evening. I took thousand over photos in 4 days! God bless me in looking through all the photos! Heh Heh!

Signing off. Cheers ^^

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