Foundation Semester 2 Results

by - January 07, 2014

I had no idea that the results would be out today. I was just playing the piano when my friends messaged me on Facebook and asked for my results. That's how I got to know that the results were out today instead of the initial date, which is suppose to be this Thursday. I know that my friends will get good results as they did not screw up their mid terms as bad as me. Anxiously, I checked my results through my iPhone because my laptop was not ready to be in use yet as I brought it for reformatting today. To my surprise, I can't believe that this is my result!

My own efforts and struggles have proven me wrong, that 3.5 is possible to achieve. I just really did not expect that I will improve from my first semester because I was really struggling through half of my second semester. Hard work pays off! I got the lowest grade for the easiest paper. LOL! Now that's weird and I got an A- for management! Now it's making me feel like I'm in the wrong course! Heh! Heh! 

I will definitely not stop at 3.5. I will always aim for 3.5 and above. All my life, I have never gotten such high results before. Not even during secondary school if you count the GPA. I think my secondary grades are like lower than 2.0. LOL! I am just so happy and still a little hard for myself to believe that I got 3.5! There are others who got higher than me but I feel really happy already that I manage to achieve such result ^^

I would like to thank my loved one, for the endless motivation and always reminding me that I can do it even when I said that I feel like giving up, for always being there for me whenever I need him, for tolerating and putting up to me when I am being irritating and annoying and for everything! Also, because of his endless motivations, I am able to prove my dad wrong about being over distracted. Words are not enough to describe how happy and lucky I am to have him in my life ^^ 

I would also like to thank my friends who have given all the support that I need to go through every shit that I was going through. Not forgetting my family, who have too been there for me. Thank you for everything and the medical bills, everything. 

6 more days of holidays and hello to my final semester of my foundation year. The papers for next semester is already scaring me, a lot! Oh well, I still got to face it no matter what right? Time to be positive! ^^

Signing off.
Cheers :)

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  1. Congratulations, boo boo... I will belanja you potato when I come back.

    1. Thanks, boo boo ^^ The day when we meet again, will be the best present I can ever get <3