Ipoh, Malaysia | MAY 2014

by - May 28, 2014

Group selfie at Hotel Shangg

On Monday night, boo and I spontaneously met up with Eunice, Terry and Roxy as they randomly and spontaneously too made a trip to Ipoh after their classes ended. 

Credits to Boo for the wonderful pictures

After checking in at the hotel that they were staying, boo drove all of us around town for a night sightseeing and then went for supper at 'Tuck Kee'. Had a fun time chatting and eating that boo had to finish up most of the food in the end. Heh! Heh!

Everyone was super full after that but who would have guessed that we proceeded to 'Tong Sui Kai' for drinks. Well, it was just drinks, so it's not that bad but Roxy ordered this fruit bowl with ice cream which looks a little like ice kacang too. No one expected that bowl to be a huge one and everyone shared out her portion too as it was too much for her. Boo drop me home after that as I wasn't allowed to stay at the hotel with them that night.

Group selfie at Sun Yuen Loong

The whole gang came to my place on Tuesday morning to pick me up for breakfast. We decided on having 'dim sum' but unfortunately the supposedly famous 'Foh San' was closed, so we headed for another shop, 'Yoke Fook Moon' which too sells 'dim sum'. Had a nice time eating all sorts of 'dim sum' after not having it for such a long time which I don't even remember when was the last time I had them.

'Dim sum' was just only the breakfast part 1. We headed to 'Sun Yuen Loong' for breakfast part 2 to have a try of the original old town white coffee (Is it white coffee or just old town coffee? Hehh :P) and also the toast bread.

Breakfast part 2 at Sun Yuen Loong. Picture from Eunice's Instagram

This was my heaviest breakfast that I have ever taken in my life! I don't usually have appetite when it comes to breakfast that's why sometimes I even skip breakfast. But when there's good food, die die also will force it down my throat. :P Before proceeding to San Poh Tong, we headed back to the hotel to chill and laze around until it was time to check out at 12pm.

Fed the tortoise with tomatoes and had a fun time seeing how 'fast' they were going to get the tomato

My fatty boo XD

Love this picture of Roxy that I took of her, although the lighting's a little weird

We headed to Kellie's Castle after that to continue our little 'tour' around Ipoh. It was really hot when we got there because it's already midday. Took a lot of pictures there but I'm guessing the temperature was making everyone a little uncomfortable. We hung around the place not as long as I thought we would but nevertheless, I had a great time and I hope they did too.

Roxy and Eunice

Group shot

My most favourite shot among all landscape pictures I took. (Is this even considered landscape shot?)

Me and my (fatty) booooooo ^^

Group selfie at the rooftop of Kellie's Castle

Group picture taken with the help of some other visitors around

This was a candid shot and surprisingly it came out this well

Our supposedly to be funny couple shot

Like these 2 pictures the best. Thanks boo ^^

Sorry boo, I just had to blog this picture because you're just too adorable ^^ PS, you have nicer skin than me *jealous mode on*

Terry and Eunice. Ngaww ^^

More pictures in my Facebook profile

All of us then headed back to town to have lunch at 'Kong Heng' which is located next to Plan B. Had another great session of chatting over meal and then it's time for dessert. Went over to 'Wong Kee' to have 'tau fu fa' before everyone heads back to KL and home.

It was an amazing day that I got to be out of the house for such a long period of time and also getting to visit places that I don't usually get to go on normal days unless I am bringing visitors around which is pretty rare because I don't even know how to exactly get to all these places. Hehh! That's why, my boo is awesome. ^^

It was nice meeting up with all of you guys and thanks for coming to Ipoh. See you guys when I see you guys again ^^

Short, sweet and memorable

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