Foundation Year in UTAR, Kampar

by - May 02, 2014

Staying alone

I was looking forward to start my college life and I wasn't homesick at all when I first came to Kampar. Getting to move out from my house, and to stay far away from my family, was what I was really excited for at that time. At the same time, I was kind of scared and nervous because I had no idea what is it to be like being alone and all by yourself. I've been on trips without my family before, but I know it's not going to be the same.

For the first few months, it had been wonderful to me but as time goes by, I started to miss the comforts of home. The comforts of everything comes to you automatically. I do have a maid at home, but let's say even if I don't have one, being at home is very much more comfortable than staying by yourself. You can ask someone to do some tasks for you when you're at home, but there is no one there to rely on or to help you out when you're all by yourself. The moment you are living on your own, it's the time when you really step out of your comfort zone and this was when I started appreciating everything back at home.

Where I stayed, with my clown car that accompanied me everywhere that I went throughout my foundation year

The view of the room that I stayed from the door

The rest of the room that I stayed in

What I enjoyed and was impressed the most was the huge garden by the lake and in front of the hostels that is completed with jogging tracks and bridges for you to have a walk. It's a really nice and calm place especially when you need fresh air and to just think.

A view that I get to see almost everyday when I got back from class

Friends that will always stay close to my heart

Marissa is my very first friend that I have when I first started my college life. I knew her since high school actually but we were never really close. We only see each other during music practice and girl guide/rangers meetings. I really enjoyed the days where we spontaneously went for movie or roller skating, the same cravings for mince pork rice we both had and having the exact timetable for 3 semesters straight. We even always sat next to each other during class and even exams that one of the lecturers the other day said that "You two are really cannot be seperated. Even in exam also must sit together". Oh well, we even have similar names LOL! We are like the twins from different parents.

Soon, the circle of friends got bigger as Jessmine and Sweet Lin came along. The 4 of us are like a gang during semester 1. We were a team in all assignments and presentation groups for all subjects and we always does stuff together. I drove to Station 18 from Kampar for the very first time with them and I guess that was pretty much the only outing we had together. Wish we could have more than that but I am sure we still have plenty of chances in the future.

Both of us met Jonathan during middle of semester 1 when Marissa and I were studying for our mid term paper. He can definitely make anyone laugh with his funny jokes. Not forgetting that he is a genius who scored 3.9GPA for both first and second semester and I am sure he will ace his third semester as well.

Pauline came into the picture after that. It started with Marissa telling me that she's from our church in Ipoh and one day, I saw her next door entering her house and I took the first step to get to know her. Who knew that we are like a gang now. Although we knew each other since semester 1, we never really actually planned our timetable together and fate decided to let all 4 of us to be in the same group for Psychology tutorial of semester 3. Hence, the only chance that we got to be in the same assignment and presentation group. PS, all 4 of us are from Ipoh :D Ipoh Lang!

Of course, not forgetting Zyzy. The times we shared in college was a really short one because he withdrew from the college after 1 semester if I'm not mistaken. This picture was taken during one of his visits back to college. He is the one that will always purposely confuse Marissa and I when he calls one of us because he will make sure the 'Ma/Me' and the 'Ssa' is clear enough and the 2 of us will be searching for who was the one that called either one of us.

Of course, not forgetting the others whom I've met throughout my foundation year, but these few number of people are the ones that I will remember always. It was absolutely a memorable and meaningful year for me thanks to those who crossed path with me in college ^^

Presentations and Assignments

My very first presentation in Semester 1

Before entering college, I never knew what's assignment is really about. All I know is that it kills people. Heh! Heh! I already feared assignment even before I started doing one. Although I went through lots of struggles, meeting all sorts of people with different characters, it definitely did help me learn how to manage and priorities my time properly. I can feel the different stress level I faced between Sem 1 and Sem 3. Not as stressful as Semester 1 when I was in Semester 3 but the stress will always still be there. Assignments are not necessarily boring if you know what you're doing. All those researches that you did are not nothing, but it actually gives you extra knowledge.

Semester 2 sketch presentation

This is by far my favourite assignment and presentation. All we needed to do is to create a sketch outline and act it out as presentation. Best part, all of us got to dress up as a character and during the practices, we had a good time laughing until our stomach hurts and it's really enjoyable. Wish every presentation could be this fun!

Semester 3 MM presentation

This presentation was one of the most challenging one and it's not because of the subject of the assignment, but the kind of people who I have to work with. Long story short, Marissa and I had to go till the extent of reporting one of the group members to the lecturer. But in the end, I am still glad we still manage to finish up the assignment and present it on time. The only people that can really be trusted in that group was Marissa, Mick and Jessmine. Thank God for them.

The 2 people who I can always trust and rely on :)

Fun Times

I learnt how to roller blade with the coaching from Marissa. It all started with one of the night, we were bored after dinner and decided to go tryout the skating rink in Kampar and that was how I learnt how to skate. Quite challenging but thank God I did not fall over. I'm definitely going to miss those times. Not forgetting, all those trips we made to Old Town for movies spontaneously after dinner.

When I first started college, there was this model search thing going on to look for students to be in magazine and other advertising materials. I went for the audition just for the sake to have the experience and just for fun. I didn't even manage to get into the final round. Heh! Heh! But it was definitely a wonderful experience.

The only campaign that I enjoyed was the Paw Kingdom about 2 months back. Obvious enough, the dogs attracted me. Heh! Heh! Definitely something really different from all the other campaigns that I've visited before.

Things that I've learned and overcome

First, I would say I became more independent. I mean, I have to. I had no choice and it became a habit that I do not rely on people as much as I do last time. Like I had to make my own cup of coffee every time I want to have a drink, wash my own clothes, clean my room, and so on. All these things, I was really lazy or should I say I don't even bother of doing it before I enter college.

Secondly, insects. I am terrified of insects and I hate most of them. Throughout my stay in Kampar, I have encountered lots of other insects that I've never seen before in my life and now it's like I am immune to it already every time I see an insect because I had to kill it by myself every single time. LOL! Yes, I've killed lots of cockroaches too. Ewww!

Thirdly, I learn to wake up early with the help of alarm clock. Yes, during my high school days, my mom was the one that wakes me up every single morning. But ever since I got into college, I had to learn to wake up with the help of alarm clock and I manage to only when I am in Kampar. When I get back to Ipoh, I still sleep in like nobody's business wtf.

Fourth, I manage to go get help by myself from the main office when my room's toilet was leaking from the ceiling like waterfall and the condition worsen to the extent that inside of my room is getting wet too! That was one hell of an experience. I remembered how scary it was. Luckily it didn't touched any switches or any electronic stuff or else, surely gone case already.

I'm sure there's more things but then that's all that I can think of right now. Heh! Heh!

I would like to thank my family, friends, loved one and everyone else who gave me their support and helped me in every way they can throughout my foundation year. Without them, things would definitely turn out differently. Wish me luck for my final semester's result! *keep fingers crossed*

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