Pulau Pangkor, Malaysia | APR 2014

by - May 07, 2014

My friends and I have been planning this trip weeks before finals. We actually did considered on going either Langkawi or Penang besides Pangkor but then we chose Pangkor in the end due to tight budget. Days before finals ended, we were all so excited especially the night before Psychology exam. We kept planning stuff and didn't want to study, but in the end, of course we did revise.

This is the part where Jon went super excited about our trip

This is the part where the girls are planning and coordinating their bikini colours and Jon still super high there

Being a newbie in wearing a bikini, I was asking them about how does their bikini look like and they described it as 'bra type' and Jon still being super high and said that his is also bra type wtf

That's just how crazy we were planning this for this trip. 

On Tuesday morning, I made my way to boo's house to pick him up. Hung around in his house for a little while before departing when I received a call from Pauline. They did not know the alternative way to Pangkor besides using the highway because all of us received calls from Jon with the news that the highway was really jam. So, I asked Pauline to meet us at a 'mamak' near boo's place and she follow behind my car.

Picture with boo upon arriving in Pangkor after a long drive

All of arrived at the same time, including Jon because he left around the same time as us. So, nobody had to wait for anybody. We got to the jetty just on time before the next ferry departs. Everyone wanted to go to the toilet first but then the person in charge there told us that the ferry will be leaving anytime soon. So, all of had to hold all our pee in until we got to the resort. :P

Group photo of us on the ferry

Picture with beloved boo boo

We hired a van upon reaching the jetty in Pangkor to bring us over to the resort which was just about a 5 minutes drive away from the Jetty? After checking in, everyone rested for a while before heading out to have lunch.

6/7 group photo while waiting for our rooms to be ready

With the awesome camera man aka my awesome boo ^^

At 12 noon, we decided to go out to town to grab some things to eat. While waiting for the others to get ready, boo and I took photos of each other with our DSLR. Those I took with my camera, was blurred and I didn't realize it until I view it on my computer. So, I shall wait patiently for boo to upload those he took of me. Sorry, boo boo :(

 According to the lady that was in charge at the resort, we could get to town by WALKING and so, we started our journey walking happily to town. The sun got hotter and hotter as time goes by and still we have not reach town. Some of us were using towels to cover ourselves while I just put on my cap. After some time walking, we finally gave up and ask some workers that was working around the area for direction.

To our surprise, the workers told us that we can't get to town walking because it's still quite far away. At that very same time, a minivan passed by and we waved to it and thank God, it stopped for us and then it drove passed us. At first we thought the driver was going to make a U-turn for us but he drove away instead. So, we just continue walking until we came across another resort and we saw lots of minivan around it. Hired one of it, and then we got to town shortly.

There were not many coffee shops around town. I only saw like 4 of it and the rest are shops selling dried food and stuff. We just went into one of the mamak shops and everyone grabbed a can drink because we were just so thirsty from all the walking. (Damn you resort lady lol) Anyway, most of the shops only had like leftover food. After walking around for a while more, we finally found one shop which has like chicken rice, noodles and stuff, and we ate there.

After lunch, we just hung around town, bought some dried food to bring back home and some of us had ice cream. I was surprise to see that Pangkor still looks like the Pangkor just the way I remembered it from my previous trips there which was many years back. Thought it would be more develop or something but then, oh well.

Just chilling and resting by the road side while some of them ate their ice cream
(more pictures in boo's camera)

We got back to the resort at about 2pm, everyone applied sun block, I grabbed my snacks and picnic mat and we made our way to the beach, which is just opposite from where we stayed. Heh! Heh!

Group photo

Boo took his notes to Pangkor as well because his finals are only starting on that week's Saturday. At first I did thought of suggesting to postpone the trip after his exams but then it seem to be that was the only week where everyone could make it. I am really lucky to have him in my life, for his exams were only days away but he still came along anyway. Thanks boo boo :') I really hope that you will do well for your exams ^^

Pauline, Marissa, Martha, Jon and I went to the sea side to 'play' with the water while boo and Sufan stayed on the beach, until the others went deep into the water, I went to join boo and Sufan because I didn't want to swim in the sea. Besides, there was not much water sports there as well and to even rent a jet ski it costs a bomb. So, all of us just did whatever that is free there which is just chill around.

Manage to get some shots too:

Jon and Marissa

The shady and breezy beach we were at

The 2 on call life guards?

The water.. I mean sea :P

After taking enough of shots, I went back to where we laid the picnic mat and just chill while accompanying boo to study and chatted a little.

Hehe! Most comfy cushion I can ever have :P

This is what I see with my head facing upwards

After a while, everyone was at the picnic mat feeling exhausted from their swim and sun tanning session but we just continued to chill there until suddenly, the sea water seem to be coming higher and higher until it was just inches away from where we sat. Everyone sort of panic which I don't know why LOL and started packing everything quickly and headed back to the resort and eventually, everyone zonked out.

In the evening, while everyone was still asleep, boo and I went back to the beach for an evening stroll and we were hoping to catch the sunset. Unfortunately, the beach was in no position to watch a beautiful sunset because it was like at the other side of the island. Nonetheless, I did enjoy our little evening time alone. Definitely a wish and dream come true for me all thanks to you, boo boo ^^

The best sunset view that I could get
(Photo was taken with my iPhone5s because I couldn't get a shot of what I see exactly from my DSLR)

My vampire boo boo :P

Us-fie #1

Us-fie #2

Us-fie #3

Us-fie #4

Best picture was taken with my phone again LOL and trust me, we took more attempts than what I have uploaded here XD

We had dinner at about 8pm that night. We were served with curry fish, eggs, salad, fried chicken and long beans? Everything tasted wonderful and I manage to eat the curry fish! YAY! Thanks God nothing happened to my stomach that night. Heh! Heh! Eric and his friends came when we were almost finishing our dinner and they joined in as well.

After dinner, everyone went for drinking except for boo and I. I stayed with boo and accompanied him to study while I did some word search and snack around on the snacks I bought until it was bed time. 

It was so hard for me to wake up the next morning but I did eventually managed to wake up. We had Nasi Lemak for breakfast but mine was without sambal because I can not take spicy spices? LOL! But anyway, thank God I didn't even try it because according to the others, it was super spicy but they enjoyed it and starting to pour more onto their rice and I was like whutttt?

After breakfast, we headed back to our room and started packing up all of our stuffs and then headed down to the beach for a walk again and enjoy the last few moments we have to be in Pangkor.

With my college twinnie

Boo doing what he does best

This proves that we have small butts because the both of us can fit into the one swing :P

We headed to the jetty at about 1.30pm and then took the ferry and headed back to Lumut. We went back to the place where we parked our cars and then drove to a KFC outlet nearby. Half way through eating, someone saw police giving out summons to those who did not put any parking tickets and the 'drivers' (Boo, Sufan and Eric) rushed out to get parking tickets. When they were getting tickets, I realize that the car key are with me. So, I just rush out to where they were without even bothering to wash my hands first and gave boo my car key. Epic moment! After lunch, all of us bid each other farewell and exchange hugs.

Awesome friends that I've met during foundation

Hope to see you guys soon :)

This vacation was a short one but it is memorable enough for me to cherish for a life time. Thank you everyone who tried to find a way to make this trip work, and thanks boo boo for coming along with us. I am indeed blessed to have known such good friends. Take care and all the best guys :) 

Till the next time we meet again

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