19th Birthday

by - July 11, 2014

This year's birthday celebration, is one of the most special and unique birthday I ever had in this 19 years. Can't believe that I am already 19, 1 more month and I am done with my 'P' driving license, and next year I will already be entering the (young) adulthood, because one is not officially adult until his/her's 21st birthday. 

As stated in one of my previous blog post recently, that I received my birthday present from my parents 2 weeks prior to my actual birthday which was 2 flight tickets to Sydney and that I chose my dearest Thomas to go with me on this trip. It was indeed the most special, different, unique, adventurous, thrilling, (and the list goes on) vacation that I've had to date. It is definitely a vacation that I will never forget which will always put a smile on my face whenever I look back to it. I really wished that it didn't had to end so quickly. Yes, 1 week is somehow not enough for me, but I have a strong feeling that forever will still not be enough for me. So, I will always cherish and appreciate with what I am given. I really can't wait for our next adventure together. 

This trip, had definitely given me the most days that I have spent together in a row with my dearest Thomas to date. Our dates usually lasts for only a few hours, or, a day or 2 if we were to travel to KL or somewhere away from Ipoh. This is definitely the very first time, that we got to spent a week overseas, and my very first time going for a real holiday with my boyfriend. After that 1 week of spending time together 24/7, a part of me grew even fonder of wanting to have him by my side all the time. I didn't thought of this as a factor of why I have been feeling so empty ever since we got back from this vacation, until he asked me about it yesterday morning. I guess, this is one of the reason that I felt so heavyhearted that he needed to leave for KL yesterday morning for some work purpose which I don't usually react this way. 

I don't see it as a bad thing, because I guess this is something we will need to adjust every time right? It's like, after having fun and used to being by his side for so many days, I guess it's natural for everyone to need to readjust themselves back to reality. That 1 week, is indeed like living in my dreams and right now, I just need to get back to reality that he has work to deal with, and I am going to soon need to get my head back into studies (college). We have come a long way, and I know we will be okay. I am truly indeed blessed to have a boyfriend who will always be by my side, physically, emotionally and spiritually, through thick and thin, near or far, and who will always be my guardian angel.

In short, I really am glad that we got to go on a vacation together and I can't wait for the next one. ^^

About a week before our departure, Boo Boo came over to my place and gave me my birthday present from him. To my surprise, he got me the perfect gift, at the right time. I have been looking for wallet/purse to replace the one that I have been using because that wallet is kind of worn out and is getting quite dirty from pen marks and stains. This wallet, is definitely the most expensive wallet that I have ever received/have. My most expensive one was the one I was using previously before this one came along. On top of that, it's red! I have been obsessing with things that are red in colour these days but also of course, depending on what kind of things. This present comes with a really sweet birthday card as well which makes my heart melt over and over again every single time when I read it. And now, our wallets matches because it is both the same brand. Not forgetting, our phones too! Heh! Heh!

Due to our birthdays are only 2 days apart from each other, we always celebrate our birthdays together on my mom's actual birthday. I don't mind actually, but honored for having my birthday so close to my mom's. Imagine if I was actually born on my mother's birthday, how cool would that be? Then we will be exactly 30 years apart. This year, my sister and dad took my mom and me to Macoy European Restaurant in Greentown (the same place where David Diner is) to have our birthday dinner. Food there is really good and also of course, pricey. The place isn't as fancy looking as any other restaurants like Euro House or anything. It has a simple yet comfortable and peaceful environment that allows conversation to be heard clearly. Environment isn't that important, but as long as the food is good, then it is all that matters. But a lot of people do dress up semi-formal when they dine there and also a lot of people bring their own wine there.

Servings from Macoy European Restaurant

That same night, we came home to blowing candles and cutting our birthday cake. To me, a birthday celebration is never complete without a birthday cake and I don't mind having one cake for every birthday dinner that is for me. Heh! Heh! I am so greedy huh. I am 19 this year, and if we put the amount of candles correctly, I am suppose to have 10 candles to blow off but then sadly, I only have 1. But anyway, at least I got to blow the candle on the cake. That's all that matters. 

Another birthday present from my family besides the flight tickets

On my birthday morning, sis and mom took me to Stan & Brew for a birthday breakfast. I knew my mom went to the counter to order macaroons for me but I had no idea that she asked the barrister to arrange all 6 of the macaroon and turn it into a 'cake'. Heh! Heh! Very creative yet cute. Sweetest birthday cake that I have ever tasted because it consists of macaroons. :P

I had my first birthday dinner overseas this year with my dearest Thomas in Sydney, Australia! We were walking around Circular Quay when it started to get dark at 5pm but it felt like 8pm. So, we decided to just go for our dinner at that time, which means it's only about 3pm in Malaysia. Heh! Heh! Nevertheless, it's still a really wonderful dinner. We chose a restaurant called Rossini. Every restaurant there is quite pricey because it's considered a tourist attraction area and yes, we are tourist. XD Both of us had pasta and it is so different from what we always had in Malaysia. I ordered Carbonara Pasta while Boo Boo had Prawn Pasta if I'm not mistaken of the name. The carbonara there tasted entirely different from I had in Malaysia and it is super fantastic! As usual, when it gets cold, it became really dry, thick and too cheesy but overall, it was really good. Boo Boo's pasta comes with huge large prawn and they are pretty generous with the prawns I would say. Thank you for the wonderful treat, Boo Boo ^^

Servings from Rossini at Circular Quay in Sydney, Australia

"Thank you to every single one of you for the wonderful wishes, post, messages and gifts that has made this 19th birthday of mine a meaningful and memorable one"

For the first time, my birthday present lasted for a week and will now always be in our memories

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