Australia 2014 | Day 1 - Sydney

by - July 17, 2014

We departed for Sydney at 11.40pm on 28th June. Flying with AirAsia, we were prepared for siting through the entire 8 hours with cramped up leg space. Well, at least on our flight to Sydney, we had the whole 3 seats just for the both of us. We took turns sleeping flat on our backs with our heads on each other's laps. Despite having to bear with the screaming of babies and turbulence, it was still a good flight. We got to see thousands of stars from the plane together and also I got my little baby hair in between both my eyebrows which may give me a unibrow in the future plucked by boo which felt so comfortable that I think I fell asleep while he was doing that. Heh! Heh!

We were served with breakfast that we pre-ordered when we booked the flight tickets. This is by date the biggest breakfast set I have ever had because of the add-on. The food is really good though surprisingly because I always thought that plane food are bad. Heh! Heh! Guess I was wrong. Unfortunately, we were sitting at the wrong side of the plane because the sunrise was on the other side. We still did manage to see a little of it through other passenger's phone screen who were trying to take shots of the sunrise :X

We were greeted by my aunt who was already waiting for us after we were done with the customs and immigration. (Wait, are they the same thing? :P) Anyway, she stopped us while we were walking towards her and she took the picture of us and sent it to my mom. When we walked out to the open space car park, it was super cold which I'm guessing it's because of the strong wind. I was kind of freezing but enjoying whereas it was nothing for Boo. Guess his Germany experience had trained him well to be cold resistant. LOL!

Lunch that day was wraps which was prepared by my aunt. To be honest, when I saw the greens and tomatoes, it was like the biggest nightmare to me because I had to face my worst enemy for the entire week - vegetables. To my surprise, it doesn't taste that bad when it all becomes a wrap. I can barely taste the vege taste that I hate so much (maybe because I added a lot of sauces) and avocados are nice!

After lunch, my aunt dropped us off at Sydney Harbour for us to catch an orchestra performance by the Australian Chamber Orchestra at the Sydney Opera House. During my last visit here, my family and I never got the chance to actually enter any of the hall inside of the Opera House because there wasn't any show that time but I guess luck was on our side this time.

We got the tickets with a special price actually. Since we are both below 30, we are entitled to get the tickets for AUS$45 each. On top of that, my aunt had a buy-1-free-1 coupon for this performance. Hence, we got 2 tickets with the price of AUS$45 with a really good view of the performance. 

When the performance ended, the sun was already starting to set. It gets dark at about 5pm during winter in Sydney. We manage to walk and took lots of photos around Sydney Harbour, Circular Quay and The Rocks before the sun sets completely. 

My first long exposure shot with guidance from boo ^^

Went into a restaurant in Circular Quay called Rossini at about 5.30pm for dinner. It was so dark over there that it felt as if it was already 8pm and we decided to have an early dinner.

First birthday dinner overseas, and first dinner in Sydney, Australia

The weather got even colder after dinner due to the strong wind. We walked around Circular Quay, all the way back to where my aunt dropped us earlier in the afternoon. My aunt picked us up at about 7pm and headed back to her place. My first shower there was horrifying? Heh! Heh! It was super cold that I was literally trembling in the showers. Well, during shower it was still alright because it was a super hot shower that I made the whole bathroom foggy when I was feeling just nice. The nightmare came about after I turn off the tap. It was so cold that I didn't really bother to dry myself properly before putting on my clothes because it was THAT cold. Thank God for the electric bed in my room that was prepared by my aunt. I just sat on it after shower and let it do its thing to keep me warm. Heh! Heh!

-End of Day 1-

Stay tune for more ^^

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