Australia 2014 | Day 2 - Sydney

by - July 20, 2014

Started off our day 2 with bacon, eggs, avocados and tomatoes for breakfast. After getting briefed by my aunt on the bus routes, we headed out to rent snow gears for our trip to snowy mountain on Friday night (Saturday 1am). First tourist stop of the day was University of Sydney.

They have a museum in the university itself - Nicholson Museum

Had lunch in one of the newly opened cafes near University of Sydney - aunt's treat :P Boo and I had Chicken Burger and it's the largest chicken burger I have ever seen and yes, filled with lots and lots of vegetables which I kind of successfully swallowed most of it down my throat. Heh! Heh! Went for a drive around University of New South Wales before heading to Centennial Park for ducks feeding.

Perfect view and weather with the perfect company

Had a great time feeding ducks and watching ducks chasing each other's butt and making funny squeaky noises the whole time. It was pretty sunny but it wasn't hot at all. Saw lots of people brought their dogs and puppies for a walk on that day as well and how much I wished I could have Golden here with me too. Before my aunt headed home, she dropped us off at Mark's Park for us to have a scenic coastal walk all the way to Bondi Beach.

We got all these view from where my aunt dropped us called Mark's Park. It looks exactly in these few photos I took but only nicer when I was actually there in person. When Boo and I got down the car, we almost couldn't believe what we were seeing with our own eyes. It was really breathtaking.

I don't know how long did we took walking from Mark's Park to Bondi Beach, but it felt really long yet an amazing one. Never had the chance to go for this coastal walk during my last visit to Sydney and I am glad that we managed to do it this time. When we were there, again we saw a lot of people bringing their dogs and puppies out for a walk. I was feeling kind of cold that time. So, I have no idea how dogs take this weather 'naked'. Heh! Heh!

Had coffee and cake at Bondi Pavilion for a little recuperation before catching a bus to Bondi Junction. At first I thought Bondi Junction should be in the same area like walking distance from Bondi Beach but it turned out I was wrong. It's quite a distance from Bondi Beach and in Bondi Junction is where Westfield Mall is at. Westfield is like KL's Pavilion but only more prestige? There are so many brand outlets there that I have never heard of before and from the look of the store, I am sure everything is going to cost a bomb. We spent some time window shopping there until it was about 6pm.

We were freezing but it was so nice that we just sat outside of Westfiled which they call it Bondi Junction I guess (which I kind of fell asleep for a while) until it was time for us to head back to my aunt's place for dinner. 

When we got back, dinner was already done prepared! We had Lasagna that night which was cooked (baked?) by my aunt. Damn, isn't she a good cook? Everything she cook is surely delicious and it's so mouth watering by just looking back at all these photos!

-End of Day 2-

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