Australia 2014 | Day 3 - Sydney

by - July 24, 2014

First stop of that day was Sydney Olympic Park. In the year 2000, the Olympic Games was held in Sydney, Australia. Instead of abandoning the stadium and other sports center, they actually maintain it and still use it occasionally for events and also for actual exercise with a reasonable amount of fee.

On each of these poles, holds a list of names of the people (which I am not sure) who either volunteered for the Olympic Games or the name of the participants. Although it looks like they're just poles from the picture, but when you look at it from afar, it gives a really cool landscape.

Had a 5 minutes round of chest tournament with my dearest Thomas when we saw the huge chest set which was displayed in Sydney Olympic Park. No one won nor lose because we didn't finish the game. Heh! Heh!

In BM, they call it 'obor' which if I am using the English term correctly, it's called the torch (I think). I really wonder how would it look like with real fire lighted on it.

We proceeded our journey to where Koalas and Kangaroos can be found - Featherdale Wildlife Park. *shrieks* I know I am 19, but when it comes to animals or zoos, I still get pretty excited. Anyway, we weren't allowed to carry the koala but only to pet them. It feels so soft as if you're touching a teddy bear, only that it's moving and breathing. Heh! Heh! 

We manage to feed some hungry kangaroos too which literally just snatch the whole cone of food away from our hands. Each mouth they took was so huge, that I was so worried that it may even bit my hand by accident but thank God that didn't happened. I did fed Kangaroos the previous trip I was there too and it's definitely still thrilling to get to feed them again.

After that, we just walked around the entire wildlife park and manage to catch some feeding session shows, and also not forgetting, taking tons of pictures!

I saw these penguins too during my last trip to Sydney and that time was summer. So basically, these penguins can withstand temperature ranging from 5 - 40 degree celsius? WOAH! But then I did saw some penguins shivering after taking a swim in the pond. Poor penguins.

Albino kangaroos or I would just call them the white kangaroos. Heh! Heh!

Guinea Pigs all curled up together in a bowl during winter

Mary had a little lamb~

Third stop of the day was Govette's Leap for a magnificient view of the Blue Mountains!

"FUN FACT: Why are Blue Mountains actually blue?
The mountains are covered in a blanket of Eucalyptus Tree. These tres release a mist of eucalyptus oil into the atmosphere. When in contact with the rays of the sun, they refract the light creating a bluish hue. Voila! Blue Mountains." 
- Got this from boo's Facebook because basically he writes it better than I do. Heh! Heh!-

Bridal Veil Falls


Next, we made our way to Echo Point where The Three Sisters (still in Blue Mountains, just a different section of it) are located at. 

The legend of The Three Sisters (Meehni, Wimlah and Gunnedoo) that lived in Jamison Valley as members of the Katoomba Tribe who fell in love with 3 mean from the Nepean tribe but their marriage was forbidden because of tribal law. The three sisters were turned into stones by an elder to protect them but he was killed in the tribal battle and no one else could turn The Three Sisters back.

Scary legend, but it's just a myth (hopefully). Heh! Heh!

Had a little picnic at Echo Point before heading to Scenic World. Aunt Christina actually packed hot water, chocolate drink, coffee and sandwiches for us. Thank you so much for everything, Aunt Christina. :)

Photo taken when we were on the Scenic Skyway. Basically, all the rides in Scenic World is to give you a better view of different sites of Blue Mountains and The Three Sisters. I did enjoy going for all the rides and also enjoyed the sunset with the view of Blue Mountains with boo. :)

This was the best and most thriling ride among all 4 in Scenic World. It looked so steep that I almost wanted to scream (or maybe I even did, a little) but then it's actually not too bad. Heh! Heh! Boo bought this souvenir photo for me which cost a bomb just for a picture. Thanks boo boo :) Nope, I didn't have the softcopy. I just scanned it into my laptop and now I have one. 

We went home after going for all the rides in Scenic World as the sun was setting and it got pretty dark a while after. We had pizza for that night that Uncle George got from Dominos. They had an offer of buy 3 free 1. Hence, 4 pizzas for 4 humans. Heh! Heh! But that night, it was the first time I ate so much pizza that boo was surprise to see me eating so much too because the pizza has bacon and mayo on it! How I wish it's available in Malaysia too.

-End of Day 3-

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