Australia 2014 | Day 4 - Sydney

by - August 02, 2014

Our breakfast menu was pancakes with jam or syrup that morning. It was day 4 and also our first day out to the city alone, just the 2 of us via city buses. We were suppose to get down at Grasham Street (which I keep pronouncing it as Graham ) as was told by my aunt and I was super worried that we may got off at the wrong stop because I am super paranoid of getting lost (when getting lost is the fun part of an adventure) plus, my sense of direction is really bad but luckily boo's sense of direction is way better than mine. I was suppose to be bringing him around the place but instead, he seem to be bringing me. Heh! Heh! Oops :P

Successfully manage to get off at Grasham Street and we had a really fun and challenging time, getting lost finding our way to the Sydney Harbour Bridge Pylon because I was leading the both of us to the pylon. I thought I remembered how to get there but eventually we still got lost but it was fun because we got to walk by and see lots of nice sites and of course, took lots of pictures.

This was nearing to Circular Quay if I'm not mistaken.

Forgot what building/house was this but it does look a little creepy as if it's haunted or something. Heh! Heh!

'Pancakes On The Rocks' - Supposedly to be one of the famous restaurants at The Rocks but we didn't manage to try it though.

After almost an hour of walking up and down and getting a little lost, we finally managed to get to the Sydney Harbour Bridge at about 12pm. Well, it's winter. You can feel the sun but not really the heat. Heh! Heh! Without any further delay, we went to purchase passes for the pylon climb and up we went!

View from the pylon lookout:

Apparently, someone is afraid of heights. Oh well, that's not stopping me from taking more pictures!

After we had enough fun at the pylon lookout, we headed back to The Rocks for lunch which I don't remember the name of the cafe but the price was super reasonable.

Loved the pie. Don't ask me how was the vegetables and tomato because obviously, I wasn't the one that ate it :P

Headed over to The Royal Botanic Gardens after lunch where Mrs Macquarie's Chair is at but I would prefer the Mrs Macquarie's Point than the chair because it has a better view of Sydney. To be honest, the Mrs Macquarie's Chair wasn't as impressive as I thought it would be. Basically, it's just like a chair carved from a rock and I guess Mrs Macquarie sat there to watch the view. Heh! Heh! But it definitely felt honored to be able to visit it.

Government House. What if this is my house? That would be so cool :P

Apparently, this colourful bird seem to be quite like a normal bird there because it's everywhere

A selfie together before going back ^^

Had Japanese food for dinner that night which was a treat by my mom. Before we flew off to Australia, my mom asked me to pass an envelope to my aunt and inside of it was cash and we spent it on this. Their Japanese food taste so much different than Malaysia in a good way. They have this tofu in some kind of soup which I didn't had it before in Malaysia and the soft shell crab, heavens! One thing that kept happening was when boo said thank you in Japanese when the waitress serve us something, they'll either laugh or giggle as if boo said it in a really cute way that the waitress are heads over heels for him :P Heh! Heh!

-End of Day 4-

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