Australia 2014 | Day 6 - Sydney

by - August 11, 2014

Our breakfast that morning - Toast bread with avocados, tomato and ham. YUM! The only time that I actually liked avocados was when I was in Australia. When I came back, I ordered a dish in Plan B with avocados in it and it tasted bad and ever since then, I hated it. Haha! Shouldn't have eaten any which has now caused me to hate another vegetable. :P

First stop of that day was the ANZAC Memorial Park in Hyde Park. 'Memorial park' sounds boring huh, but would you believe me that I actually got touched by one of the history (love) story that was on display inside the building? Haha! Well, maybe because it was romance that's why I got attracted to reading it. :P 

It was 4th of July (US Independence Day) on the day we went to visit the memorial park. Right when we were standing in front of this statue, there was an announcement for everyone to stand still for a moment of silence for the dead. We didn't know about this and I guess we got there at the right time, or else I think we would have missed this special opportunity (for me) for a different experience which I have never encounter before.

The memorial park was at one end of Hyde Park. So, we walked to the other end of Hyde Park to see the Archibald Fountain. Nope, I did not edit the rainbow in the picture but it was a good timing kind of thing as the sun was shining through the water at the correct position. Nice eh? XD

This tall tower here is the Sydney Eye Tower which you can actually go all the way up there to get a good look of Sydney but we already did that with the pylon climb although it's not as tall as the Sydney Eye Tower but it was good enough for me. 

Next stop, was the St Mary's Cathedral which is just across the street from Hyde Park where the Archibald Fountain is located at. 

My favourite shot of us with the Cathedral

Walked around the cathedral and also into it for a while before getting these ice cream which were from the same ice cream truck that I bought the ice cream from during my previous trip there. Soft and nutty. Haha

Fourth stop was the Hyde Park Barracks but we didn't manage to go into it as it requires an entrance fee.

After that, it was a long and adventurous walk to Queen Victoria's Building (QVB).

Fun Fact about this clock extracted from Boo's Facebook account :
"In 1986, the entire QVB was bought over by Ipoh Gardens Berhad for restoration under a 99-year leasehold. To commemorate the reopening, Ipoh Gardens Berhard commissioned a grand 4 faced clock as showin in the picture" 

There wasn't much restaurants (with reasonable price) around QVB. As we walked further away, we first spotted McDonald's and planned to grab our lunch there but across the street, we spotted Hungry Jack's instead since boo hadn't tried that before. According to my uncle, Hungry Jack's = Burger King and personally, I still prefer McDonald's burger.

After lunch, we proceeded to Martin's Place just for site seeing. Took some pictures around while we were walking there.

Arrived Martin's Place

Went over to Circular Quay again after spending enough time in Martin's Place to grab a gelato before going back to my aunt's place. 

Dinner that night was Fish n Chips. The shop was a really unique one as 3/4 of the shop is an actual fish market while the 1/4 of the shop is for customers to order their fish n chips and drinks. To make it even better, customer can actually buy the fish from the market side and instantly make fish n chips with the fish that they have just chosen. Cool eh?

After dinner, we went home and started packing and get ready for our Thredbo Snowy Mountain trip which the bus will depart at 1am that night.

-End of Day 6-

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