Australia 2014 | Day 8 - Sydney (Manly Beach)

by - August 14, 2014

Day 8 a.k.a. the last day.
We woke up pretty late that morning as we were super exhausted from our trip to Threbo Snowy Mountain. We had bacon and eggs again for breakfast as it would most probably be a very long time till the next time we will get to eat that again. After breakfast, Uncle George and Aunt Christina offered to drive all of us to Manly Beach!

Beautiful huh? But I still think that Bondi Beach is nicer. Heh! Heh!

Had our lunch in one of the restaurants there which is quite pricey because it's a tourist attraction area. So, yeah..

3 of us ordered the Fish n Chips set, while Aunt Christina had...

...seafood chowder! Looks really delicious and it was my first time tasting it too. Feels like mushroom soup. Heh! Heh!

After lunch, we went back to pack our luggage and also we spent the last few hours playing on my relative's piano which sounds super nice! Too bad that I did not took any picture of how my packing back to Malaysia looks like because I just squeeze everything in. LMAO!

Our last meal in Sydney with my relatives. After dinner, we bid everyone farewell and both my aunt and uncle dropped and see us off at the airport. It was quite a sad moment for me as the vacation had come to an end. Nevertheless, I am still glad I had the chance to travel overseas.

We arrived Malaysia at about 4am and an hour later, we were greeted by these 3 (Johnson, Eunice and Terry) an hour later and all of us had breakfast in McD, and also a really good chit chat session before heading back to Ipoh.

I would like to thank my parents for this wonderful opportunity and also my dearest boo for agreeing to come along to Sydney with me. Without them, this trip would definitely have not worked out.

-End of vacation-

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