Italiannies, The Curve

by - November 28, 2014

Guess who got pampered with a lovely anniversary dinner last Friday?

The outdoor atrium outside of E-Curve was decorated so beautifully with Christmas decorations and the night market between E-Curve and The Curve just made the entire place even livelier.

We didn't know what to have for dinner that night actually until we came across Italiannies and decided to have our anniversary dinner there. 

The cheeky us

Spent most of our time chatting and talking about life and our thoughts on whatever that came into our mind that instant. Also, not forgetting, took lots of photo with my Sony A5000 which some pictures turned out blur because of the low lighting; mostly those that was taken by me :(

Spaghetti & Meatballs
Beef meatballs served with spaghetti in marinara sauce

Thought it was going to be small balls instead of one huge ball on top of the spaghetti. Okay, that sounded so wrong but anyway, it was delicious! I ordered a piccolo size as I had a feeling that I wouldn't be able to finish the regular size and I was right. Piccolo was just right for me and the tomatoes (I think, it tasted like tomato) were a tad too much for me tho.

Classic Carbonara
Fettuccine pasta with Parmesan, cream sauce with smoked beef bacon and button mushrooms

 Boo got the regular sized and now he is addicted to it. Heh! Heh! I like carbonara too, it's just that sometimes it may be too creamy/cheesy for me that I end up not being able to finish up the entire portion. Getting to have a few mouth of it was good enough for me. Thanks boo ^^

My favourite candid shot of me taken by boo boo ^^

Went for Mockingly Part 1 that night at Cathay Cineplex in E-Curve and it was a pretty good watch. Now, I really can't wait for Mockingjay Part 2! To be honest, I didn't even know that the movie was out until we were deciding a movie to watch that night. Boo had been waiting eagerly to watch Fury but unfortunately, it is no longer on screening. Sowie :( Thought of watching Interstellar initially before knowing about Mockingjay and we end up watching Mockingjay instead. Felt like the most pampered girl alive that weekend. Thank you, my dearest Boo Boo ^^

There's no other way better to spend our anniversary than spending quality time together

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