Love, Rosie (2014)

by - November 04, 2014

Knowing nothing about this movie, more specifically not knowing that this movie even exist, my friends brought me along with them to watch it in the cinema in 1 Utama earlier today. 

I would rate this movie 5/5 besides The Fault In Our Stars. This movie has nothing to do with the death of your soul mate but it's about 2 people who are perfect for each other, but not realizing about it earlier and it was all because of one question.


Rosie and Alex grew up together since they were little and soon, it was prom night. Thinking that they would be going together, sadly they didn't. Alex asked Bethany, supposedly one of the hottest girl in school and Rosie got asked by Greg.

Fastforward to prom night, while Alex and Bethany were having the time of their lives dancing, Rosie slept with Greg and it was the most awkward sex ever! Yes, believe it or not. They did not cut off that scene but when 2 people are just kissing, it's all cut out. Weird, I know. Anyway, the sex concluded with Greg's condom being stuck inside of Rosie's vagina and she had to go to the hospital to settle it. *facepalm*

One day, Rosie felt unwell and went to the pharmacy and took a pregnancy test. That was when she found out she was pregnant with Greg's child when she was about to go to Boston for college. She has a dream of opening her own hotel one day but now she's knocked up, will she still be able to fulfill her dreams?

She delivered and raised her baby girl (Katie) on her own without telling Alex about it until one day, he found out about it from Bethany who bumped into Rosie on the streets with Katie in a stroller. Rosie kept this a secret because she knew Alex wound not leave for Harvard (full scholarship) if he knew. Alex then became Katie's God father.

Where's Greg you may ask? He was working somewhere else, missing 5 years of Katie's growing up years and decides to reappear then. Rosie gave Greg a chance and married him but sadly, she found out that Greg was cheating on her when she saw a hotel reservation by Greg thinking that it's for them to spend their anniversary. 

*Rosie works as a hotel receptionist

Meanwhile, Alex manage to get himself a super hot girl name Sally from Harvard and when the news about Alex and Sally were pregnant with a baby broke to Rosie, she was out of words. On Rosie's wedding day with Greg, Alex found out that Sally's baby is not his but she had an affair with another guy name Herb. 

Alex has been trying to get in touch with Rosie ever since he found out about Sally's affair, but Rosie didn't want to speak with Alex thinking that Greg is the one for her and that was before she knew Greg was cheating on her. 

When Rosie's father died, Alex attended the funeral and wrote a letter to Rosie, expressing his feelings for her but sadly, the letter was kept by Greg and Rosie only found out about the letter after Greg and her split up but it was too late, as Bethany and Alex were then engaged. 

*Bethany is a model and she travels around - one of her stops were Boston. She met Rosy in the hotel one day and that was how Bethany knew where Alex is"

Rosie attended Alex and Bethany's wedding, hoping to change Alex's mind. Did she succeed? Did Alex and Rosie got together in the end? And what about her dreams about opening a hotel of her own?


I've just given away all the best parts of the movie but I'm keeping the ending as a secret. Hope to be able to buy the novel and read it for myself as I have not. Heard that it has a different sequence from the movie. Oh well, it's always like that. 

What really shocked me was the scenes that got cut off and those that did not. All in all, it was a really touching yet hilarious movie. I don't mind watching it again because it's really that good. To be honest, in this movie, it sort of projects that getting pregnant before you're married is totally fine but of course I know, that's the western culture. Heck, Rosie's parents took care of her when she was pregnant with Greg's child when they were not even married and accepted the entire thing as if it is something normal when I thought her parents would be furious about it.

Personally, I would think of it as a chick flick which means that guys would probably not enjoy the movie unless you're a romantic guy, then it would be perfect for you! Or unless you're dragged by your girlfriend to watch it with you, then just have fun and try to stay calm when obscene scenes are being played. Heh! Heh!

Now I know who to drag along for a second round of this movie when he comes back from China, besides the movie 'Fury'. *wink wink. Yes, boo boo. I am talking about you ^^

Thank you lovely girls for willingly waited for me, starving, for a whole 2 hours until I was done with my assignments and brought me along for this movie! Who cares that we were the loudest and noisiest in the cinema? ^^ Till the next outing with you girls again :)

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