Graduations 2014

by - November 18, 2014

This year has been the most eventful year of my life, and two of the highlights of this year so far are the graduations that I have attended last August, and recently a week ago, my sister's and boyfriend's graduation ceremony. I was lucky enough to witness both the entire ceremony with my own eyes thanks to the amount of tickets given during my sister's graduation and the extra tickets that my boyfriend got for me and his family.

To be honest, graduations all this while have been 'just another event/ceremony' to me until I attended my own sister's and boyfriend's graduation and that changed my point of view about graduation. Why their ceremony, if you may ask? Well, they are both my closest and dearest person I have with me. I forever will only have one sister and one boyfriend in my life and attending their graduation ceremony impacted me in some ways.

You see, attending someone else's graduation who is not that close to you, for example, your cousin or your friend gives you an entire different feeling when you attend those who are closest and dearest to your heart which in this case, my sister and my boyfriend. When you attend a friend's graduation, you do feel happy for them because you know they have achieved something big in life but when you attend someone's graduation who is really close to your heart, you'll actually feel sentimental about it. 

I don't only feel happy when I attended my sister's and my boyfriend's graduation, but I was overwhelmed by the fact that they are graduating with a Degree in their hands, ready to take on the world. Seeing them receiving those scrolls on stage, I could really literally cry tears of joy if it's something normal to do in public. It's not because of a simple 'You did it', but the fact that I know they are going to succeed in life and that this graduation and receiving the scroll, is a huge stepping stone for them.

I guess when it is someone you really care and love about that is graduating or any significant events, that is when you truly know how it feels like to be really truly happy and proud of them on their achievements and I believe I felt that attending both their graduations. I can't find the exact words to describe how I really felt on those two days, but it's definitely a really good and true feeling that I have never felt before before attending the graduations. Even writing this post and browsing through their graduation photos, is already making me teary.

Seeing the both of them graduating with flying colours, it makes me wish that in 2 and a half years time, when I graduate, I'll get to be like them too. Not for the sake of being able to be looked up at, but to able to prove to myself that I can not only achieve some thing, but achieving the best of it. They are both fast learners and they can be really focused and serious when it comes to serious matters, whereas for me, I'm a 24/7 happy-go-lucky kind of a girl. I know I am going to need 10 times more of the effort that they have put in to get to where they are today. Well, nothing is impossible right and there's no harm trying my best and pushing myself to the maximum.

To my dearest, Boo Boo. Today, you've officially graduated from university and is already in the working world. Throughout your journey in university, I know you have achieved a lot and not just on academics and I am sure you'll always be remembered by many lecturers and staff as the Model Student and your efforts to the university will always be remembered and appreciated. 

I am going to miss all those moments where we would spend time studying together for our exams and doing assignments together. Today, you are able to help me in my university work but I don't think I am capable enough to help you with real work. I find that really unfair and I hope I'll be able to impact and add value to your life in some other way to make it up to you. 

No words can describe how happy and proud I am of you. Today has been already 5 days after your graduation and the entire event still overwhelms me and an infinite times of Congratulations to you will never be enough. Always remember this, the entire world does not have to know your achievement. As long as the people that you care about knows your effort into this, is already more than enough. 

I am positive with your achievements plus the first class honours, is going to take you far far far in life and you will succeed in being one of the most successful person at a young age that you have always dream of. I believe you can do it, Boo Boo and now, it's time for you to turn that dream into a reality. Whenever life turns you down, always remember my voice, telling you that, "I believe in you, you can do it" or you can literally just give me a call and I'll talk it all out to you until you stand back up. 

You know, during your graduation, there was one thing I wish I could do which is, to shout out loud saying, "This is my boyfriend graduating and I am super proud of him". I hope in two and a half years time, I'll be able to give you that same feeling too.

Congratulations, my dearest Thomas. 

I know I'm a long winded grandmother, or even worst than that in congratulating you but as I said, an infinite time of congratulations to you will never be enough for me. Thank you for being my source of motivation to wanting to succeed in academics again. Really, without you being there for me since I started my foundation, I am not sure whether would I be able to even get into Taylor's today. Besides that, thank you for everything, like really everything. It'll take me forever to list down all the things of everything. I love you always ^^

To my dearest, Jie Jie. To be fair, I shall write something for you too although you may not even see this because I don't think you know I blog but even if you do know I blog, you don't know the URL to my blog unless you've stalked my Facebook profile before.

Anyway, hope life is good in Manchester for you. Study smart for your upcoming finals but at the same time, enjoy yourself as well which I think you have been since Day 1 you were there. Remember our long distance sistership exams? Let's do this!

Hopefully your graduation would be in UK next year then I'll have a reason to go over to Manchester. Come to think of it, I'll be traveling twice to UK if I am accepted for the Mobility Program to Bristol and if your graduation would be held in Manchester! So much win! Mind if I bring Thomas along? *giggles*

Faster get a boyfriend too yeah! Well, don't rush into it but there's no harm going on a date or two with the person you like. I really wish you could feel the happiness that I have been feeling as well and I can't wait till the day that we can finally go on a double date.

Take care and all the best, Jie Jie. I know it's been 3 months but still, Congratulations to you! See you soon. XOXO!

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