Christmas 2014

by - December 27, 2014

As tradition (except for last year), my family and I will go back to Penang to celebrate Christmas with my relatives. This year, however, was a pretty quiet celebration as not everyone was able to make it back to Penang. Nonetheless, we made out the best of the presence with those who were there.

 Christmas Eve dinner

Midnight mass at Church of Divine Mercy

Everyone gathered in my grandmother's house on Christmas morning for unwrapping present session and I received a necklace from my Aunt Josephine and her family, and a cosmetic/compartmental bag from my grandmother. Also, 2 days earlier back in Ipoh, my family unwrapped our gifts for each other for Christmas. I received a Hush Puppies dress from my mum, and a bath robe from Aunt Christina and family. Thank you everyone for the gift!

After that, it was lunch at Eastin Hotel with my parents and grandmother while Aunt Josephine and her family (The Augustins) went for lunch with Uncle Derek's side of the family. It was a really good lunch in Eastin Hotel and the food served was really good for the price that we have paid for per person. Also, I finally got my chance to have a taste of turkey which is usually expensive.

Cutest Christmas desserts I have ever seen, but there's a lot of sugar is all these

Christmas OOTD

Someone was home on Christmas Eve from China but I was leaving for Penang on that day but I am glad that we manage to meet up for a drink on Christmas night after my return from Penang. 

Happy to see his cutie face ^^

Hope you like the present, boo boo ^^

Picture stolen from his Instagram. My present to him. Heh! Heh!

Peanut Butter brownie from STG, Ipoh.

Christmas Red Velvet Cake from STG, Ipoh

Finally reunited with this potato once more! ^^

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