Thirty8, Grand Hyatt, Kuala Lumpur

by - May 12, 2015

About two weeks ago, I've decided to make a dinner reservation at Thirty8 in Grand Hyatt to celebrate Boo's birthday. For celebration, they provide an option to decorate the table with fresh roses and also a surprise with their signature cake, which I accepted the offer. 

On Saturday evening, leaving Boo clueless on where we'll be dining, I set up my Waze and placed it on the holder for it to lead Boo to the place (Yeap, he was driving. I know, how unromantic of me). On the way there, he was trying to think of the place that I have booked, but failed to do so.

Upon arriving Grand Hyatt, he said, "Okay, I am paying for dinner". Well, obviously he isn't touching a single cent of the bill. Haha.

When we got up to Thirty8, they weren't ready with the set up of the table which we were then led back to the reception to have a seat first. I was keeping my fingers crossed the entire time, hoping that they would be able to get us a table with the view of Petronas Twin Towers (which was the main reason I chose Thirty8 and not elsewhere). When I did my reservation, they no longer have the service of booking the exact table on where we want it, but it's on a first come first serve basis. I know that doesn't make sense, which left the team and I to exchange a lot of e-mails for clarification. 

When the table was ready, I was really happy with the outcome of all the planning that I have made!

A table for two decorated with fresh roses, and a fantastic view of the Petronas Twin Towers!

The view of the restaurant from the side where we were seated.

A wonderful shot of me, photographed by the birthday boy ^^

We were first served with bread (as an appetizer I think) while they prepare our main dishes. 

This was what I initially ordered: 
Udon noodles served with seafood and black pepper

This was what Boo initially ordered:
Wok-fried rice with scallop, tobiko fish roe and egg white

When our meals were served, we ended up liking each other's meal more. Haha. We've already planned to share when we placed our order. So, I guess we made really good choices. For each other. Haha.

Spent the entire time exchanging conversations about our work and studies, and some random stuff as well that we are curious about in life. When we were done eating, it was already dark outside and the candle on our table was lid up. 

After we were done with our meals, the waiters came to clean up our plates and gave us fresh plates and cutleries. That made Boo to question me, "What did you order?". Boo did first asked me whether do I want any dessert but I gave him a lame excuse (which I do not wish to disclose it here. Haha) that I could think of to stop him from ordering because I already have something else planned. But of course, I told him the truth in the end. 

Minutes later, a waiter came up to our table, with the cake in his hand and he was singing "Happy Birthday" out loud!


The cake is super special, and this is why:

This was a picture that was e-mailed to me by the staff when I did the reservation

The presentation of the cake left the both of us super amazed!

A picture together against Malaysia's iconic building.
It's either a coincidence or basically our minds are connected; On his 21st birthday, we were both dressed in black and this year, we were both dressed in white, and both of the celebration was held in a fine dining restaurant. Last year, he was in blue and I was in red! Haha. So cute :P

Make a wish my love! ^^

After settling the bill, we decided to hung around the place for a little longer, since it's not something we'll get to experience everyday. 

Photos taken at the sky lobby.

Photos taken at the lobby. Haha.

His birthday present from me to him this year. I was worried that the belt may not fit him well but since my dad could wear it, then most probably Boo would be able to fit too. Haha.

Happy Birthday, My Love! I hope you enjoyed yourself and had a great one this year ^^ Love you to the moon and back. 

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  1. Yeah friend, Kuala Lumpur is a beautiful place for honeymoon and there we get number of places to celebrate our birthday parties. This place also looks terrific and the best part of this restaurant is that we can easily see amazing views of Twin Towers. Well, I am searching one of the best party halls in Bay area for my sister’s birthday party. Can you please help me on it?

    1. There are a few other places that I would recommend that offers a wonderful scenery of KL City:

      For dinners:
      - Cantaloupe, The Troika, KL
      - Thirty8, Grand Hyatt Hotel, KL

      For drinks / drinking:
      - Helipad, KL
      - The Stratosphere, The Roof (Top floor of First Avenue, Bandar Utama)
      - Sky Bar, Traders Hotel, KL

      You might want to first do some research on those places before making any reservation as some of it may be pretty pricey. Hope my reply helps :)

  2. Greap couple (Y)
    if you dont mind,can you share with me the total cost for this dinner at thirty8 restaurant

  3. Good evening,

    The total cost that night was RM200. Mainly because we chose the dishes which are not too expensive. And it's inclusive of the cake and table decorations.

    Hope my reply helps! Have a great day ahead.


    1. Hi melissa, does the hotel deco for free?

    2. Hi Fara! Back then I had to pay an extra of RM20 for the flower petals deco on the table. It's been a few years, I am not sure now if they're still charging the same price or not. Hope this helps!

  4. great post, thanks. Im going to take my hubby there for our 10 years Anniversary.

    1. Hi Yana. Congratulations on your 10th year anniversary! The restaurant would be perfect for an anniversary celebration and I hope you and your husband will have an enjoyable evening. Cheers!

  5. great post, thanks. Im going to take my hubby there for our 10 years Anniversary.