20th Birthday

by - June 30, 2015


Following the outing with Belle that evening, I received a message from my boyfriend asking a favor to help with the door later on as he was (supposedly) bringing back a lot of files from work. I did find that message rather weird because he don't usually bring home files from work but it's the weekend, and he has always been busy with work. So, probably he just want to get more work done this weekend, I thought.

When I heard the sound of the keys clinking one another as he was trying to unlock the door, I went up to the door and opened it as quickly as I can, because I thought he would be struggling with the things he would be carrying, but little did I know, that was just an excuse..

He got me a very beautiful bouquet of flowers! He thinks that the flowers were not enough, but to me, it's more than enough. Thank you very much, boo boo. ^^


Slept in that morning until it was afternoon. When I had finally decided to detached myself from my bed, I had my shower and went downstairs for lunch with boo boo. We first made our way to Bonia to get a belt of his altered, and then to Daphne to look for a pair of shoes that I had been aiming for. I first saw it in Parkson, Ipoh but it had a defect and it was the only pair of my size. My mum asked me to try my luck in KL, but alas, that shoe itself isn't even available there. 

We then headed upstairs for 2 games of bowling, which I ended up losing pretty badly. I started off pretty well, but my performance deteriorated slowly. After bowling, we managed to witness some performance of the participants of a skating competition. 

Stopped by Popular before heading home to purchase some books using the remaining book vouchers that I received as it was expiring in 3 days. He cooked me dinner that night and we ate it while watching The Guardians of the Galaxy on TV. Did some work together before getting some shut eye.


Woke up earlier (but it wasn't that early anyway) that morning to get to 1 Utama in time for an early lunch. Sent my car off for washing, vacuum and polishing as my car has not been washed since the minor accident that I encountered a couple of months back.

We had lunch in Johnny's and it was pretty empty due to the fasting month. I had chicken rice, while Boo had fried rice and ordered a side dish of Teriyaki Chicken to share. We then headed to the bowling alley for another 2 games, which left us both very tired and sore at the end of it. We then walked around the mall, and was heading towards the Old Wing to get some grocery shopping done when a thought hit me. The hypermarket is all the way at the old wing but my car was in the new wing. So, we're going to lug all the heavy groceries across the mall? 

We then stopped and re-planned our itinerary. Haha. At that time, I was feeling very tired and exhausted already, not sure why. Decided to head back home for a rest, and would leave for MidValley at 6pm for dinner and have our grocery shopping done there instead. Conked out the entire evening until it was 5.30pm and ended up only leaving for MidValley at 7pm.

Boo had decided to have a celebratory dinner with me in Italiannies, but it was packed when we got there. We placed our name in the waiting list, and went walking around The Gardens while having a constructive conversation until it was around 8.15pm. Had a scrumptious dinner over some interesting conversation, and by the time we were done with dinner, it was already 9.30pm.

It was a bit too late for grocery shopping. Hence, we decided to head back home but stopped by Poh Kong to look at some bracelet which Boo wanted to buy one for me. The one to my liking wasn't long enough to go round my hand, so I decided to look for it somewhere else where there're more reasonably priced choices.

Thank you for the wonderful weekend, Boo Boo. I had a blast and I hope you did too! xx

Also, we did something special throughout the whole weekend as well. After seeing the end outcome of the videos I did with Belle, Boo found it interesting and we decided to give it a try! 

Check it out here:

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  1. 70-80% i see Thomas in the Vlog .__.

    1. Haha yes, because I too paiseh to be taken in the video cause too many people already :P