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by - July 15, 2015

It was my first day of semester break and over the weekend, we had decided to try making Onde-Onde as I was craving for it very badly. Belle came by my place at 9.30am, and she drove us to Sri Petaling to get some grated coconut as well as some breakfast before starting our big project!

We found the recipe online, but then the recipe was less accurate. Hence, we improvised on the ingredients as well as the method of making it. Anyway, here's the recipe:

Ingredients (around 20 balls or more depending on the size of each onde-onde):

200ml of Pandan Juice (Blend 10 pandan leaves together with 220ml of water)
160g of Gula Melaka (Palm Sugar) - finely chopped
Glutinous Rice Flour (will explain the amount to put later on)
1 packet of Grated Coconut

1. Mix the pandan juice with glutinous rice flour. 
From the recipe that we found online, we were advised to prepare 250g of flour, but it didn't turn out to be dough-like. Instead, it was very liquified that there was no way we could roll them into balls. Hence, we kept adding the glutinous rice flour into the mixture until it's of dough texture. Keep kneading it tightly until the 'dough' doesn't sticks

2. After chopping the palm sugar into fine pieces, make sugar balls out of it around the size of coco pops.

3. Pinch a small piece of dough (around half of a ping pong ball, or it can go even smaller than that). Roll it into a ball, and then press it down to flatten. Take one sugar ball that you have prepared earlier and place it on the dough that you have flatten out, and wrap the sugar ball until it cannot be seen. For a nicer shape, lightly roll it again, before placing it into a pot of boiling water.

4. When the onde-onde rises up to the surface of the water, leave it there for a couple of minutes before taking it out with a slotted spoon. 
(Tip: Do not leave it boiling at the surface for too long as the dough may get too soft and melt, exposing the melted sugar in it)

5. Dip the onde-onde into a bowl/plate of grated coconut until it is all covered with fluff as of the picture below:

And it is ready to be served!

Tip: Make sure the dough isn't too thick for each onde-onde. Otherwise, it may taste like pandan flavoured flour rather than the mixture of everything with the sugar. It took us a few rounds to get the hang of it before it turned out to be more perfect in regards to shape as well as taste wise.

We watched Pitch Perfect 2 on TV after making the Onde-Onde and had a fun time with taking turns recording each other playing on the piano. Anyway, here's mine:

Will let Belle do the uploading of hers :P

Signing off. xx

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