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by - July 08, 2015

About a week ago, my friends wanted to do something for my birthday; a gathering or some sort. I didn't had any preference of what I want to do, or how I wish to celebrate it, and whatnot. Instead, I asked them to plan and organize it, let me know the details and I'll be there. 

Those who knows me, you know that I don't drink. Most to most, I only had Shandy, took a few sips of my dad's beer which then I hated it because it was so bitter, and the last one prior to this was a glass of coke with rum in it - and that was for a celebratory dinner upon completing my foundation program.

Joining Taylor's University, I had a different experience all together. My group of friend smokes, goes clubbing and drinks a lot to the extend of getting drunk - that was what they had told me before. Of course, there are a handful of them who doesn't, and are pretty much like me.

My friends suggested a lot of places, which we decided on Stratosphere @ The Roof, mainly it's because of the environment. They do serve alcohol drinks there and it cost a bomb as predicted. I am lucky to have friends who are understanding, who doesn't push me to drinking out of my limit when I told them prior to the party that I am not getting anything too strong. 

The party took place on Sunday, at 9.30pm.

I had my very first glass of Long Island and it wasn't too bad besides the bitterness of alcohol. My boyfriend ordered a cocktail as well but he requested for a nonalcoholic one because he was driving. I felt bad because he wasn't able to enjoy as much because he had to drive, but at the end of the party we were both perfectly sober so I could have driven back, but I guess it's better to be safe than sorry.

My friends ordered shots, and they were asking me to try one because they ordered a very mild one hoping that I would be able to give it a try. I still declined in the end and they understood and push me no further. So, they each had a glass and toasted on my behalf.

Half a group reunited after so long. Due to the difference in majors, as well as some past dramas, we hardly catch up with each other in campus anymore until that night. It felt really good and I wish it will always remain that way. Melanie isn't in this shot, because she only arrived the second half of the party at around 12.30am. 

Another group shot after Melanie and Adam arrived, but Priyanka left hours ago to meet her friends who're from Singapore. 

Of course I will never call it a night without a photo with my boyfriend. 

So, I mentioned about the environment that made a pick the place earlier and this photo would tell you why:

A bar on a old helipad, overlooking the entire city!

This was where we sat.

All in all, I had a wonderful night out with my friends as well as boyfriend. It was a very different experience for me, something and somewhere that I have never done and go to, and I am glad that it was a great place that suits us all. This place allowed us to really talk and chat over drinks without the disturbance of over powered music in the background, nor screaming drunkard at the dance floor because there isn't one, I think. Places like this, is somewhere I don't mind going to but of course, depending on the occasion. 

Thank you all for the wonderful night

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  1. hahahaha u can take a sip to try how it taste like lolol
    do u drink somersby? hehe cause we should drink that together :p

    1. Haha. I don't want to get drunk and wake up at somewhere I don't know :3

      I have never tried Somersby before. Is it strong? Haha