At First Sight by Nicholas Sparks

by - August 11, 2015

Unable to father a child, it wrecked Jeremy and Maria's marriage and ended up being divorced. Feeling hopeless about it, one night stands soon became a habit for Jeremy, until Lexie came along. With the slightest possibility, fate perhaps, Lexie got pregnant with Jeremy's child. They barely knew each other, and many thinks that it's too soon and everything was in a rush. But they do not know the truth behind Jeremy and Lexie's engagement. 

Lexie comes from a quiet town called Boone Creek where it is a total opposite of New York City. To Jeremy, there's no life in Boone Creek and it seemed almost impossible for him to live there. But because of Lexie, he agreed to move to Boone Creek to settle down there with her. Besides the pregnancy, Jeremy too believed that Lexie is the one for him.

Back in New York, Jeremy was a writer and still is one. But moving to Boone Creek, adapting to his new life, had taken a toll on him to continue writing. He struggled for months, and throw tantrums indirectly on other issues such as getting a new house for his new soon to be family when he is already tight financially, as well as secrets that Lexie hid from him.

After the secrets had been clarified, Jeremy learned that it wasn't that big of a deal but the stress and pressure of his new life was affecting him that he sees the arguments with Lexie as a way out. There was even a period of time that Jeremy doubted that Lexie was pregnant with his baby because he knows that he is unable to, but miracle happened. His thoughts about it haunted and troubled him a lot with anonymous emails being sent to him doubting that Lexie is pregnant with his child. 

Jeremy found out that those emails were sent by his good friend, Alvin, during his bachelor party, a week before his wedding. Alvin disagrees with Jeremy and Lexie's marriage and claims that he was just trying to save Jeremy from doing something wrong. 

With all doubts and suspicion cleared off, the wedding took place smoothly and the honeymoon phase was all as if a dream to both Lexie and Jeremy. Their baby was growing fine until when Lexie was about 6 months pregnant, the doctors found out complications that it may harm the life of their baby. They did everything that could to keep the baby save but it took Lexie's life instead during childbirth. Nobody foresaw it coming, and neither did the doctor. Later, the doctor suspected that the complication during her pregnancy has caused her death.

Jeremy was first angry about his child, that has caused his wife to be dead. As soon as he carried his child for the first time, his thoughts changed and it was as if love at first sight and everything became clear to him once more. Soon, Jeremy brushed that thought of and took up responsibility and learnt to care for his child with the help from his mother as well as Lexie's grandmother. 4 years later, Jeremy's child, Claire, had nightmares repeatedly for nights and it was worrisome. One night, he took Claire to where Lexie was buried, and they saw ghostly lights there. At that moment, Claire and Jeremy believed that it was Lexie's spirit that was there with them that night. 


When I first started reading this book a couple of weeks ago, I find it a little boring because it felt kind of draggy, or maybe I was just not in the mood for reading. I then left it aside for a few weeks besides the occasional moments that I opened it to read a page or two until 2 days ago. The story line just got me going, as if I was watching some HK drama that makes you want to know what's next. 

Halfway through the book, it somehow disturbed my mind because it was something I could relate to but only slightly different. Nonetheless, I brushed my thoughts away and continued to enjoy the book. It is romance stories like this that I really don't mind doing some reading. Of course, it was shocking when Lexie suddenly died after all that she had went through and etc.. But it had a really good ending although it gave me lots of goosebumps because they were at the grave and believed in ghosts and I read that at night. Haha. But I guess I shouldn't have problem sleeping tonight.

So, this is what I've been addicted to for the past few (or more like 2) days. Prior to that, my eyes were glued to the computer screen playing The Sims 2 on my Mac that I purchased late July as well as took time to reflect on life, and settled some personal issues that made me really stronger but I can't tell whether in a positive or negative way. 

I have thoughts of doing more piano covers but right now, I am not even fascinated by my own new covers, let alone other people. That really demotivates me to make new piano cover videos and instead, I've been a lazy slug that hangs around in the apartment the entire day. 

Hopefully the next book that I'm going to read would be as nice as this one. 

Signing off. xx

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