by - August 18, 2015

Throwing or giving away brand new items seemed to be a waste, and I always feel guilty of doing so. It gave me the feeling of throwing my / my parents' money into the trash. It always end up that I would just keep it in my wardrobe and do nothing about it, until I came across Shopee.

Okay, maybe not the first platform that I knew of that I could sell my items on, but one of them. It never really struck me before this that I could actually make money from brand new items that I previously own but never used it before, rather than just trashing it away. Although some of the items may be sold at even lower prices that what I purchased, at least I still earn something in return.

This platform started out only on mobile application. Download Shopee from App Store/Google Play, and follow me @ melissatan 

I sell lots of my preloved clothing which most of it are brand new...

Also, soft toys and cute plushies that I have been collecting for a few years now but I grew out of space to keep them. Get one today for a kid or your loved ones who is a big fan of soft toys maybe? Haha.

There are also phone casings as well as bags

About an hour ago, I received an e-mail that Shopee can now be accessed through web!

It looks like the layout from the mobile app but hey, you can now purchase items from your computer too!
Visit today!

For a week from now, my entire store will be on sale up to 20% discount! On top of that, key in the above voucher code to get an extra RM10 off for first time buyers!
So hurry and get something from my store!

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