Penang, Malaysia | AUG 2015 | PART 1

by - August 06, 2015

About 3 weeks before, I bought 2 Air Asia flight tickets for Boo and I to Penang. While I am currently free, he has been pretty busy with work due to a fair coming up soon. Nevertheless, I appreciate the fact he took a weekend off to enjoy a short holiday with me and my family. My parents and sister, as well as my dog drove to Penang on Friday night while Boo and I flew in from KL on Saturday morning. (No, my dog didn't drive. According to my sister, he slept throughout the journey. This was his first time out of Ipoh and he sure does know how to enjoy)

We set our alarm at 5am but only manage to wake up at 5.45am which left us pretty rushing. We left the apartment nearing to 6.30am when the initial plan was to leave latest by 6.15am. We drove my car to KLIA2 as we will be parking it over night and my car has an extra built in safety lock. Arrived KLIA2 at about 7.15am, took away McDonalds for breakfast before entering the boarding gate. For once, it did not felt as if we needed to wait for a super long time to board the plane and take off because we were just right on time for everything that morning. Haha.

Boo fell asleep almost instantaneously after take off from lacking of sleep the previous night. Whereas for me, I stayed awake the entire journey and when I was about to fall asleep, there was an announcement to inform the passengers we would be landing shortly. No point to sleep anymore so I just sat there like a zombie. The duration printed on the ticket stated an hour but the flying time alone was only about 30 minutes or so.

When we landed, my parents and sister was already at the airport arrival gates waiting for us in the car. First stop was to drop by my grandma's house to drop off our luggages as well as to fetch her out for leisure with us. To start of our adventure, my dad led us to a coffee shop in Ayer Itam to have Char Kuey Teow for brunch, which cost us RM7.50 per plate. According to my dad, the stall was there since 30 years ago and he went there for meals quite often despite the food was so expensive. 

We then proceeded to Penang Hill, which was just down the road (up the hill) from where we ate. We spent a lot of time waiting and queuing but when we got up the hill, we were all amazed. 

For the first time, it was cold and misty. Usually it doesn't feel much different from the foot of the hill but this time, it was different. We had a good time on the hill as it was cold initially, and slowly it started to get warm again and the Penang city view can be seen more clearly. Didn't do much there except to just walk around.


By the time we were back down at the foot of Penang Hill, it was already time for lunch. My parents suggested on a Nasi Kandar shop in Campbell Street which is supposedly famous and it's claimed to be the first in Malaysia. Not sure how true, but the food tasted quite good. The shop's name is Hameediyah Tandoori House.

A photo together along Campbell Street. 
Fun fact: Campbell Street used to be the only place/street in Penang that people could shop for clothes, shoes, etc.. 

Next stop, 3D Trick Art Museum along Penang Street. I've heard and seen pictures taken from this place on Facebook before but have never been there until recently. Pretty impressive and I really admire the artists who have the imagination to create such realistic effect. I'll let the pictures to do the talking.

We went back to my grandma's place after visiting this interesting place. After some time of recuperation, the 'kids' left for Gurney Drive for dinner, while my mum went for her high school reunion gathering, and my dad took my grandma to Queensbay Mall to get some problem from her phone rectified. 

After getting a parking spot, we walked to the centre court to meet Yvonne's boyfriend, Donavan (not sure if I spelled it correctly) whom we have not met before. We had a great catching up and ice breaking session between the boyfriends and the cousins over dinner in Song River, a hawker stall along Gurney Drive. At 9pm, we walked back to Gurney Plaza to catch a movie, Mission Impossible at 9.40pm. The movie ended at midnight and Yvonne drove the 3 of us back to my grandma's place. No pictures from that night because we were just to caught up with our activities. Haha.

Day 2 coming up soon! Stay tune. xx

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