Penang, Malaysia | AUG 2015 | PART 2

by - August 06, 2015

After breakfast, we left my grandma's place to Straits Quay. Nothing much there but mainly just to walk around, site seeing as well as to take some photos. 

Second stop for the day was Chew Jetty. The last I went was still pretty residential and the reason we went there was because of a mural art. Now, it has changed into such a commercialized place that many houses had been transformed into shops selling tourist attraction items. Those that remained as a residential house had signage on their gates to stop people from entering or taking photographs of it. I can't imagine living at a place where it is constantly pack and congested with tourist. Sadly, the mural art that was painted on one of the wooden houses is no longer there. Still, we had a great time walking around the area.

We then proceeded to a nyonya mix hainanese restaurant to have lunch with my relatives to celebrate my sister's birthday. 

At 3pm, we departed from my grandma's house to the airport. Coincidently, my mum's high school best friend was on the same flight as us to KLIA2 but she's there just to transit to Melbourne. I've met her once last year over lunch with my mum and we sort of catch up while waiting to board the plane. Haha.

Bye Penang

This is a super short trip but nevertheless, we had lots of fun! 

Check out the VLOG here:

Enjoy! :D

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