Christmas 2015

by - December 28, 2015

My family and I drove to Penang on the night of 23rd Dec and arrived just in time for supper. I had my all time favourite Penang Chee Cheong Fun before heading to my grandmother's place where we will stayed for the next 2 days.

The next morning, the cousins went for a movie : Alvin & The Chipmunks - RoadChip, and then lunch in KFC all because we saw the KFC advertisement in the cinema. Haha. Damian then dropped my sister and I off at my grandma's place while they headed back home to get ready before coming over to open presents as well as an early dinner.

This year, I received:
A new Pandora charm & leather notebook from my boyfriend,
Two HK Disneyland entrance tickets & The Secret Garden series colouring book with a new set of Steadler colour pencils from my parents,
Wacoal underwear which my mum bought as a representative from my relatives in Australia,
A white cardigan from my sister,
An Ang Pau from my grandmother,
and a car compartment pouch from relatives in Penang.

Got elected to be the 'present announcer' this year. Haha. Not sure if this is what everyone else do during Christmas, but it's a tradition in my family.

Not the usual turkey christmas dinner. Haha. Regardless of Christmas, CNY or any occasions at all, we always go for Chinese food.

After dinner, my family and I along with my grandma headed back to her place to rest before heading out for midnight church mass. This year's mass was pretty lively all thanks to the great job of the church's youth choir & band.

The next morning, my family and I with my grandma departed for Malacca from Penang! It was a super long drive and luckily we decided to stop at a few places along the way or else, I think I would barely be able to walk straight when we arrive in Malacca.

Just a short update on my Christmas this year as I am currently relying my phone's data to blog. The apartment is currently having a major power shut down and I was sweating like mad from staying in the apartment for 10 minutes. Drove out to McDonald's along the LDP for lunch and wifi but the wifi here sucks so badly that it took me 15 minutes to upload ONE picture onto my blog. Gave up on patience and switched to my phone's data instead. I used it quite a lot during my trip to Malacca so I'm trying to save as much as I can.

Will blog about my Malacca trip once I have a more stable wifi.

Here's a little VLOG that I did over the 4 days of vacation:

Signing off. xx

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