Half Way Through

by - December 17, 2015

Me, a week ago.

Me, every single time before exams.

Me, during my first paper.

Me, during my second paper. I was having a severe stomachache but survived the exam!

Me, during my third paper.

Me, during my last paper!

Me, at 10am of 15th December 2015!

How I spent most of my days after my exam. Much needed beauty sleep.

I  A M  F R E E !

After weeks of struggling through revisions and days that doesn't seem to pass at all, my 3 months semester break is finally here! However....


That's right, peeps! I am applying for jobs right after I finish my exam. Well, logically, it is only wise that I get a job regardless of what sort since I will be on break for 3 months. It is nice to laze at home and do nothing but it's bad to be so unproductive for such a long period of time. I can imagine the aftermath struggle when I begin my final semester for Year 2!

So, on the day my exam ended, my dad who is a HR Manager, sent me a list of possible jobs to apply and I'm like, "great....". Haha. Not that I don't appreciate his gesture in trying to help but I want to let loose a little before getting my résumé done and start applying. In the end, I did get to let loose a little by meeting up with my boyfriend's friends that night.

We had dinner at The Beer Factory, Setiawalk and then headed over to Starbucks for dessert & also to celebrate Eunice's birthday!

Also, completing this semester marks exactly that I am half way through my degree programme. Another one and half more years of university life and then it's time to build my career. Time really does fly when you're busy chasing assignment datelines and looking forward to the last day of your exam. Haha. 

Before my boyfriend and I leave for Ipoh for a week, I really want to clean and do some chores in my apartment, and also to clear out stuffs that I don't need here. I realize that my cupboard has been getting more and more packed. Imagine if I have to move all of that out when we move to another apartment. It'll probably take me forever to do that. Haha.

At least now, I can focus fully on things that I have been wanting to do before exams - planning for my holidays and also to secure a job!

Just a short update here and I'll see you guys soon! xx

Signing off.

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