Happy Chinese New Year 2016!

by - February 11, 2016


Nothing too special happened this year's Chinese New Year. It had been just the usual traveling back to Gerik and Penang which I think I have blogged about many times before. It's just going to be redundant if I pen down what I did this Chinese New Year. Basically, it was getting stuck in jams and travel to Gerik 2 days before Chinese New Year, reunion lunch, and then travel east to Penang and had steamboat for dinner on the first night and then lunch in a restaurant the next day. 

However, it is something special for both my sister and boyfriend as it is their chinese zodiac's year, which is the Monkey. In other words, it also symbolizes that they are both 24 already! And I am just merely surviving 21. Haha. Well, it's definitely a good beginning of my 21 as I have been gaining all sorts of different experience through different sorts of work that I have been doing since January. 

I returned to KL yesterday because I only took extra one day leave which was yesterday to spend some time at home and also to do visitings around Ipoh, and of course not missing out my boyfriend's family too. Had a great chat with him, his mum, brother and brother's girlfriend. Although it was just a short visit because I was rushing to catch my train back to KL at 6pm, but it was definitely meaningful. 

Funny thing was after my boyfriend dropped me back home and left, we only realized that we forgot to take a Chinese New Year photo together. On top of that, I was in a Cheongsam and he was wearing red! Totally in the Chinese New Year mood and how could we forgot about taking a photo together! And my house's garden was decorated which would be the perfect backdrop! When we realized, I just left my house for the train station and I turned back to get my Cheongsam with me to KL and we'll take a few shots this weekend. Hahahaha! Belated Chor 3 OOTD. 

Anyways, back to work for me and hopefully I'll have something less boring to share with you guys soon! Cheers!

13 more days to Hong Kong!

Signing off. xx

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