HONG KONG 2016 | DAY 1

by - March 12, 2016

On the night of 23rd February, I was very worried that I may have forgotten to pack the essential items that will be needed for this trip. In the end, I think I packed more things than we (I) actually needed. Haha. For example, I actually packed my curling iron to Hong Kong with me and end up not using it at all. Oh well.

On the morning of 24th, we were both super tired from working and sleeping late the previous night. However, we still manage to wake up in time, had breakfast and got to the airport even before the gate opened. Talk about being super efficient. Shoutout to Jonathan for giving us a lift to the airport. Thank you so much, bro (if you're reading this). 


After checking in our luggage, we were told that our gate was located at the very end of the airport and may take some time to get there. Initially we thought of snacking a little before going through immigration but since the staff there told us that it may be far, we decided to head straight for immigration and got to the gate like an hour before our flight. Well, it's better to be early than late.

I was super happy and satisfied with the flight this trip! Firstly, thanks to boo boo for recommending and suggesting that we take the hot seat and it was all worth the amount we paid for! More leg room for these two tall giants and somehow I felt that the seat was able to recline even more than the normal seats. Or was it just me because it's been a while since I flew overseas? Haha.

Nasi Lemak

Longevity Noodles

Mac & Cheese

Super thankful that we pre-booked some in flight meals. Initially I thought of saving up a little and have a heavier meal before flight and have tea at the airport upon arrival. I think we would have starved and I would have fainted on the spot. Guess flying when you're not stuffed enough isn't a good choice after all. 

The Nasi Lemak and Mac & Cheese cost MYR12.40, which includes a small Spritzer water pack. We added the Longevity Noodles on board because boo boo saw the menu and it was mesmerizing! I think it was around MYR16 or so.  Food tasted good but portion may be a little small for a big eater.


The moment we got off the plane, I could already felt the cold weather from indoors and I smartly packed my jacket in my hand carry. The weather forecast showed the temperature was around Genting's but it was definitely way way colder than Genting. Not complaining because Malaysia's weather is just terrible, and now I miss Hong Kong's weather. 

Right after collecting our luggages, we came across the counter to purchase the Airport Pass as well as the Octopus Card. If you're a Malaysian, Airport Pass is equivalent to the ERL ticket, and Octopus Card is the equivalent to the Touch n Go. Basically, the only way in and out from the airport via train is with the Airport Pass and it cost HKD75 each, one way. Whereas for the Octopus Card, it cost HKD150 each - HKD100 is the available credit in the card, and HKD50 is as a deposit for the Octopus Card which you will be refunded when you return the card.

Prior to the trip, we planned to visit Tai O Fishing Village on the last day but due to some complications with the luggage as well as the transport system in and out of the airport, we changed our mind. 

I had my first super rude treatment by the cashier in the airport's 7-eleven. I was not able to look for the mineral waters in the store, and so I proceeded to the cashier to ask, and they didn't even smile at me or even tried to be friendly. They looked at me with the corner of their eyes as if I was such a nuisance, and just pointed to the back. Of course I was ticked off but I always remember what my parents said to me before that it's just their culture that they are like that. Didn't want to ruin our holiday so I just brushed it off.

We took the Airport Express to Kowloon station, and there were free shuttles to many different locations. There is an information counter as you approach the bus terminals. Just tell them where you're heading to, and they'll guide you on which bus to board, and which stop to disembark. 


We stayed in Casa Hotel for all 3 nights. It's situated along Nathan Road and literally just 2 shops away from Yau Ma Tei MTR station. I was super happy with the location because it's so near a MTR station, as well as the Mongkok area where we are able to get street food without having to travel too far for it! If you don't mind the super small room, I would highly recommend this place for budget travelers. We paid MYR300+ per night for it, and I'm sure there are other which are a lot more cheaper which I did see in Agoda but those looks dodgy. Unless if really do have the money to spend, then of course go for Peninsula Hotel or something! Haha. 

Since our hotel was located smack in the middle of a tourist area, we just needed to head downstairs to look for food and also a walk around the area and also the Ladies Market. We didn't know exactly what to eat or what most restaurants serve because it was all written is Chinese and being bananas, we avoided all of those shops, and finally found one which had English words! Hallelujah! 😂

Beef Noodles

Chicken Chop Rice

Just these two dishes and 2 drinks, our dinner cost HKD91! I was like 😱😱! But if you convert back to MYR, it's about MYR45 or so, and this was our cheapest meal throughout our stay in Hong Kong. Now I understand when people say the living expenses in Hong Kong is high. The conversion rate may make it looks like it is super affordable because it's like double of what you change but in the end, it didn't felt as if we had that much anyways.

It was already nearing to 9pm by the time we were done with dinner, and the streets around started to quiet down around the area, until we walked over to Ladies Market, that was where all the hype was at!

While walking and being so fascinated by all the things that we see, we actually walked from Yau Ma Tei MTR station, and was nearing to Mongkok MTR station. Since the night was still 'young', we decided to take the MTR to Central and have a stroll around Lan Kwai Fong since there is where actions only happen at night. 

'Read between the lines'

Never knew this part of Hong Kong looking so western-like. I like!

Boo boo then brought me to this place where it's called "Stone Steps & Gas Lamps", which is also known as Duddell Street. There's nothing much to see there except for a unique Starbucks, but if you're a person who fancies nice vintage looking stairways, this place is super picturesque. 

It was getting quite late and we needed to wake up early the next day to explore more of Hong Kong. To Disneyland more precisely! Hehe. We only checked the weather forecast when we got back to the hotel that night and then only decided that we will go over to Disneyland!

Stay tune for more adventure stories! 

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Signing off. xx

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