HONG KONG 2016 | DAY 3

by - March 24, 2016

After breakfast, we headed out to Central again but this time, to see some pretty and famous buildings around. It was a little awkward every time when boo boo tried to take a photo of me because it was a weekday, which meant lots of working people all around. On top of that, it was during lunch hour so everyone was out. Felt a little silly for being so awkward and shy after boo boo pointed out an obvious fact that we're tourist and we have every right and it's super normal for us to take photos around. 

HSBC Building

Caught in action while I was vlogging

Trams in Hong Kong a.k.a Ding Ding

Bank of China Tower

We then decided to look for the Mid-Levels Escalator, and used Ulmon, an offline map application. However, little did we know, we set it to the highest point of the escalator instead of the lowest point, and take the escalator up. In the end, we hiked 4-5km upwards, and when we arrive at the highest point of the escalator, there was only one track and it was still heading upwards. We had no choice, but then to hike downwards back to Central again. A very very tiring experience, but it was nice to see a certain part of Hong Kong which we always see in dramas.

After the long and tiring yet fun hike, we then met up with one of boo boo's friend who is a Hong Kong local, and she brought us for lunch in a typical Char Chan Teng where we learnt you can request for a English menu. Haha. 

We then took a walk over to Admiralty where Tamar Park is located. Had a little sight seeing there, and then we took the tram over to Causeway Bay to meet MiChing. 

Causeway Bay is so lively and packed with people. Hence, the term 'people mountain people sea'. Haha. Mainly because there's where all the shopping malls are located, and also good food as well. MiChing took us for dim sum that night because it was already our last night there and still we have not eaten any Hong Kong dim sum. Haha. 

Pineapple Bun

Piggy Pau

Cheese tarts

After dinner, we made our way to Victoria Harbour to watch the light show, and also did some sight seeing around Causeway Bay while we walk to the MTR station. 

The famous cheese tart in Hong Kong, which was bought for us by MiChing. It cost HKD20 for ONE, yet the queue is just ridiculously long! Thank you so much, MiChing! :)

The Peninsula Hotel

When we got there, we actually missed the light show as we thought there will be another later that night. However, it was just a LCD show which was pretty amazing too. As compared to Singapore's light show at MBS, apparently HK's is nothing. So, guess I didn't miss much anyways. Haha. We then made our way to the Victoria Peak and there goes another round of hiking to get to the peak's tram. By then, boo boo was already complaining and all of us were feeling tired.

Had a great heart to heart chat between the 3 of us while enjoying the cold breeze at Victoria Peak until they were closing, and was calling passengers to exit as the last tram was about the leave. We parted ways at the MTR station and headed back to the hotel.


In this vlog, I combined the 4th day into it as well because I didn't take much footages on our last (half) day. But I'll probably blog the 4th day some other time. 

Signing off. xx

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