HONG KONG 2016 | DAY 4

by - March 28, 2016

It may (or may not) be surprising that we were in Hong Kong for only 4 days. We had our reasons to why the duration of the trip was short, but this only makes us look forward to our next trip together. We were both super exhausted by Day 4, that we woke up only at 10.30am or so. I didn't even bother styling my hair nor putting on make up except for a little bit of eyeliner, concealer powder and a dab of lipstick. Heck, I didn't even bring my camera with us on the last day and survived taking photos and VERY LITTLE vlog footages using my iPhone 6s, which was pretty good enough. 

After we woke up, freshen up, we proceeded to pack our luggages and headed down to the lobby to check out. Luckily, Casa Hotel provides the service of keeping you luggages in their hotel while you head for more touristy moments. 

Our first stop for the day was to the Kam's Roast Goose for our brunch.

The queue was this long when we arrived at about 11.30am. We were contemplating if we should wait in line or not because we do not want to miss our flight. 

Waited for 5 minutes, and then the queue starting moving really fast and we only found out that they open only at 11.30am. So, we were (almost) the first group of people to dine in the restaurant. I was so happy that I thought we won't have to wait until the guy in front of us got stopped and we were asked to wait till a table clears out. 

We waited not too long, about 15 minutes for our turn. 

Of course, we ordered their famous roast goose, and also some char siew and everything was super delicious. Give me more of it!

The meal cost us about HKD200+. Kind of expected the price of it already since it's a 1 Michelin Star restaurant. After brunch, we thought of going around to look for souvenirs when boo boo remembered that we didn't manage to visit the Avenue of Stars. So, we decided to go there.

Unfortunately, the statues had been move to a nearby location called "Garden of Stars" if I'm not mistaken. There were signages everywhere to lead you to the place.

Anita Mui

Bruce Lee and..

..his successor. Haha

Hong Kong was very misty throughout the days we were there. We couldn't really get a clear shot of the skyline, but it's okay, we were there to see it with our own eyes.

After that, we made our way back to a MTR station, and went back to our hotel to collect our luggages. And then made our way to another hotel to catch the airport express free shuttle to Kowloon station, and then took the airport express train to the airport.

I couldn't believe that I was reluctant to go to Hong Kong because 'I went there before'. Yes, I did but I could barely remember anything. Everything was like total new to me, which led to what my mum said: "Haih, such a waste of money bringing you there when you were 9". Haha. Sorry mum.

It was definitely a nice little vacation together and I don't mind returning to Hong Kong one day, when we are both earning way more money first. Each of us spent about RM1000 each for 4 days there. Imagine if we were to stay longer, I can't imagine how much more we will be needed to spend. Looking forward to our next adventure and vacation together.

It's not about the place that you're going, it's about the person you're going with.

Signing off. xx

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