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I think the blog post says it all. I will try my best to find the words to describe that magical day in Disneyland as I am just so lost of words even when people ask me, "How was Disneyland?". Good is super understatement but I guess everyone sees Disneyland differently. If you're someone who is super adventurous with scary and extreme rides, then probably Disneyland isn't for you. However, if you're someone who is very font of your Disney childhood, especially the characters (Mickey Mouse, etc), someone who is super into happily ever after, Disneyland is a must go for you.

This time to Hong Kong, we chose to go to Disneyland over Ocean Park as I have never been to Disneyland before prior to this trip. I have been to Universal Studios in Singapore and it was really fun going on all the extreme rides. For a different experience and also to fulfill my long awaited dream, visiting a Disneyland park was my main goal for the vacation. 

With all that being said, Disneyland is still a nice place to visit even if you do not take the rides. It's the ambience that really makes you feel like you're in a magical dreamland. It's almost been 3 weeks since boo boo and I visited Disneyland, and although I am physically back here in Malaysia, my mind and soul was left in Disneyland because up till today, I still scroll through the Disneyland photos every single day and I could only wish to still be there. Hopefully I'll be 'fully' present again in reality when my semester starts in another 2 weeks.

Breakfast was taken in the hotel itself as we weren't quite sure where should we go for breakfast, and also the price wasn't that expensive. Had our quick bites before we embark on the long ride to Lantau Island, where Disneyland is located at. 

Picture taken in Lai King station while waiting to transit over to Sunny Bay, and then transit over to Disneyland Resort Line. I was super happy that we didn't take a cab or a bus over to Lantau Island because...

I knew this was coming! I read up on the directions to Disneyland, and it was when I knew about this special MTR train that is specifically for those who are heading to Disneyland. Things were already beginning to feel magical even before we arrive at the place.

Super handsome boo boo and adorable Mickey Mouse windows & train handles.

The journey from Sunny Bay to Disneyland Station took less than 5 minutes and the station is also specially customized! At that point of time, my heart was beating so so fast because I was feeing so excited already, and still NOT EVEN EXACTLY IN THE PARK YET! Talk about how jakun I can be. 

Boo Boo: There's so much wind I can't open my eyes..

Guess I am not the only jakun one here 😏😂

A super big fountain surrounded by Disney characters to welcome all visitor right before the ticketing gates.


At this point of time, I was going "omg omg omg omg omg omg...". 

As we were walking pass this view, I was just so fascinated with all the buildings that was built and it looked like animations you watch on TV since you were young came true until, Boo Boo asked me a question.

"You didn't see the castle did you?"


There were some buildings which looked a little like houses but I wasn't sure if it's suppose to houses or shops that just weren't open. But no matter, they were all in pastel colour! And yes, the one I chose was a pastel blue one. IT'S STILL PASTEL!

When we first entered the park, I already saw and was targeting to get myself a Minnie-ear headband. The first cart that I saw, they were selling it at HKD108 and I was like "SHIT SO EXPENSIVE! Perhaps the other stalls further down might be cheaper!". Who was I kidding. It's Disneyland. All prices are obviously standardized. Haha. 

Minnie Mouse, Prince Charming and their castle at the back. Teehee.

Gosh, even their pizza place looks so beautiful! Why can't this be my house!

Bad move for sitting like this because MY THIGHS ARE SO HUGE! But it's okay, it's Disneyland! No time and space for irritations :D

So colourful omg 😍😍 Can I be a flower too? 


Tomorrowland eh? I shall become....


This was us on a ride which the seat looks like a spaceship, and then there's a thing for you to go up and down while you go in circles. Haha. Super excited until baby rides also I want to sit. 



Philharmagic by Mickey


Thanks to one of the staff who volunteered to take a photo of us and this is the only photo of us together which is not a wefie. Haha.


Tarzan's Treehouse

Spot the wanted fella!

We then went for a round of roller coaster which was super super fun! Whenever I'm on a roller coaster, I tend to scream to the top of my lungs and often people misunderstood it as I am terrified or even I cried when I am just screaming out of joy and excitement. While I was in the midst of screaming, suddenly I heard "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" coming from my right where boo boo was seated and he was laughing at me! The two extremes which we now know about each other 😂

Country style live band

Mystic Mansion that was closed on that day

Tiny boo boo..

Giant boo boo..

Wait, isn't it suppose to be the other way round? XD

We came across a souvenir shop which sells obviously Disneyland souvenirs as well as limited edition Hong Kong Disneyland Pandoras! I was really in a contemplation to get it but it was so expensive. In the end, I walked out of the store with this Mickey bowl for my family. HAHA!



It was nearing to 3pm when we had lunch because I was filled with so much excitement that I just didn't feel hungry but the poor boyfriend was. Yet, he kept quiet and held his hunger. When I knew about it, I demanded that we head for lunch straight away.

Much majestic entrance

What an honour to be able to dine in the Royal Banquet 😂

Lunch which cost us HKD200+

Made it just in time after lunch to watch the evening parade around the main square

Timing is everything 😂

After the parade, we have covered most of the different themed lands in Disneyland and proceeded with a second round of walking around the area. I don't mind walking for another 10 rounds if possible and if we have the time because I don't think I'll ever get bored of it. Haha. This is mainly because we didn't really queue up for a lot of rides nor even queued for pictures with the disney characters, which then we decided to do. 

Queuing up for a picture with Minnie Mouse and it took us almost 45 minutes..

And picture time took less than a minute

And then same thing goes for Mickey Mouse too. But it's okay, it's all worth it

Cutie pie 😍

Since queuing up for pictures, I had been freezing because it was getting dark and there were breeze in betweens as well. Right after that, boo boo needed to go to the toilet and asked me to wait for him. Instead, I told him you'll find me in these souvenir stores and we immediately got the signal because it's warmer inside! Haha

We then headed back to the Royal Banquet for a hot cup of chocolate because again, I was just feeling too cold and our legs needed a rest too. Came back out to the main square just in time for the HK Disneyland 10th Anniversary night parade. By then, my camera battery was dying and I decided to use my phone instead. 

Mickey pen for the sister.


NOTE: Sorry for the low quality photos as I took the photos while recording. Hence, the pictures aren't as sharp and a lot of it turned out blurry. But no worries, I'll link the videos later! :)

Little Mermaid

Beauty & The Beast

Toy Story

Goofy and Donald

Minnie and Mickey

We then headed into a restaurant located along Main Street to have something warm as we were both then freezing. We planned to only have our dinner nearby our hotel as food in Disneyland is super expensive.

You might think that this is a drink based on the picture but it's actually not! It's known as Mushroom Latte but it's actually mushroom soup and this cost us HKD60++.

We then braced ourselves for the super cold weather, went back out on Main Street and looked for a nice spot to watch the fireworks display!

After the fireworks ended, we headed back to Yau Ma Tei and had McDonald's for dinner and also to utilize the WiFi there. Haha. I was so exhausted that night that I fell asleep without showering and woke up at 6am the next morning to seeing boo boo doing his work. Sleep clock much messed up. But it's okay, because the experience was just priceless!

If you're wondering how much the tickets cost, it was HKD1000+ for two 1-Day pass. You guys can easily check on the more current prices from their official website. 

Goodbye Disneyland. I'll come back or maybe even visit the other Disneylands!

Bucket list: To visit a Disneyland park. CHECKED!
New bucket list: To visit ALL Disneyland Parks 😂 


Signing off. xx

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