Acme South, Bangsar Village, Bangsar

by - May 18, 2016

Greetings my fellow readers. I notice that my blog has been pretty stagnant for the past two weeks and I apologize if I kept any of you waiting on updates. I have been pretty bogged down with university work, as well as some personal work but everything is being sorted out one by one. I am now currently on a 9 days break from university but 9 days is definitely not enough. 

As I was saying, for the past two weeks, I've been busy but eventful at the same time because it was my boyfriend's birthday on the 16th of May. There were three celebrations planned out for him but I managed to be involve with only two because when the third one took place, I fell sick and wasn't able to go for dinner with my boyfriend, his mum and brother. However, I was happy that he dropped by that night to get me a bowl of sea coconut drink his mum made, and some supper for my family. Super blessed to have such a thoughtful boyfriend.

Anyway, the first celebration was just the two of us, and I decided to bring him over to Acme South in Bangsar. To be exact, it's actually attached to Bangsar Village. The area was super packed and it was hard for us to look for a parking spot as Bangsar was just being Bangsar. I guess we were pretty lucky to still found one eventually after about 30 minutes of driving around the parking garage. 

But first, let me take a selfie. Haha. One more selfie and I think you readers would just quit my page.

The entrance of Acme South, Bangsar.

The view on my right from where I was seated. When you come in from the outside entrance, you'll enter on the right side of the picture and the first thing you'll see will be that circular thingy.

The drinks and dessert bar / counter & kitchen.

And on my left from where I was seated, there's this huge wall with the name of the restaurant painted on it. I kind of have a thing for brick walls but not just any brick walls, but decent looking brick walls. You know what I'm saying? So yeah, I find this pretty cool.

And of course, seated right in front of me was this charming young lad. 

I didn't bother to ask him to take a picture of me because the backlight from where I was seated was just going to ruin the picture. So why bother. Haha.

Anyway, behind from where I was seated is this huge open space for events, and also it's their smoking zone when there's no event. I had this place in mind for my 21st birthday party but I hesitated when they told me the minimum spend. Unless if you do have money to splurge, then this isn't a bad choice at all. Just bear in mind if you're going to do it during the day, your guests might be sweating buckets with the Malaysian weather.

That's about it for the environment around the restaurant. Now let's talk food. 

We were first asked if we wanted plain water, still water or soda water. Being a total kampung (village) person, I turned to look at boyfriend to signal him to answer the waiter because I had no idea what I should order because that was literally my first time being asked what type of water I want. Haha. We ended up ordering still water which cost us RM12, and on top of that, each of us got coffee too. So yeah. Now I know what is still water. Haha.

Iced Cappuccino

Layered Coffee

Fried Chicken Mac & Cheese
Well, I had Mac & Cheese before and it's one of my favourite pasta but this is definitely the first that serves with fried chicken. Haha. It was delicious but the fried chicken was a tad too dry which I had to keep drinking my beverages to wash it down my throat. PS: I am not a person who is too fond of fried food unless like they're super good like fried chicken (hehe). So, my standard of food dryness may not affect you. Just so you know. 

Mushroom Soup
Not too sure if it's the way they cook it that makes it special, but it tasted VERY ASIAN. If you're a chinese, drinking soup that requires boiling for hours may not sound alien to you. But somehow, this mushroom soup taste like one of the asian soup that my mum cooks, which I always call it the tofu soup. It doesn't taste bad at all and I actually enjoyed it throughout. Pretty special that this mushroom soup gives you a tinge of asian taste.

Moroccan Beef Stew
I've never had a beef stew before and the one and only time I had a stew dish was when I was in Sydney back in 2014 and that was a seafood stew or something like that. I had a thing for tender meat and this was perfecto. 

Oh, we also did order mashed potato as our side dish but we were too famished by all the other dishes to finish the potato. 

Sizzling Brownie

Yes, we were both so famished and yet I still ended the lunch with a dessert. Call me crazy but what's a birthday without a birthday cake. I've heard that this is their signature dessert and gave it a try. The smoke from the sizzles blew out the flame on the candle. So much for asking them to put a candle on it. Anyway, this brownie tastes like brownie? Haha. I am so bad in doing food review but perhaps because I was just toooooo full. Pretty interesting presentation nonetheless. 

Happy boy when he receives his present - Car adapter MP3 player & Uniqlo T-Shirts

Well, I did wish you personally on WhatsApp, and also announced it all over my social media platforms when you were trying to keep it low key. Hehe. Sorry I'm so annoying but I love you.

When you have an awesome haircut, an impromptu photoshoot is a must! 

Birthday VLOG:

Till next time. Signing off. xx

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