Twenty One Grams, PJ

by - May 29, 2016

I recently visited Twenty One Grams in PJ and I must say it was a pretty nice experience. Not being able to imagine the look of the shop with such a familiar name, I relied on Waze to get me to the place and to find out that it's located near MBPJ area where I would have Wan Tan Mee for breakfast some certain Sundays. Parking was difficult to find as it was lunch hour and no one was leaving. However, while we were looking for a parking lot, we noticed that there were a bit of space in front of the cafe which my MyVi could have fitted but there was this no parking sign alongside it. Later on, we only found out that only Twenty One Grams customers are allowed to park there. 

We were first greeted by friendly waiters and we were given a table shortly with a menu to look at. The pricing are pretty reasonable I would say from a quick glance of the entire menu. Beverages like coffees cost about RM10 in average, as for food, most of them are below RM20 except for a handful of them which are about RM20-RM30 like Pan Smeared Salmon. 

Across the other side of the cafe is where this art and craft (?) corner where people drew on tissue paper and it is all displayed on this wall. Pretty artistic and a way to keep your masterpiece from being just another waste. 

I ordered Carrot Milk juice as I wanted something sweet yet healthy. Haha. Don't know if it makes sense but it's mostly blended carrot. As a milk and sweet drink lover, I tasted mostly only carrot and not much of milk which makes the drink less sweet. I would have preferred it to have more milk but then it was a good blend as I have been trying to cut down on my sugar lately. It's still drinkable nonetheless.

My friend, Belle, ordered a cup of Hot Chocolate and I guess it tasted alright since there wasn't any feedback from her. Haha. I had a cup of hot milo before heading out for lunch. Hence, I didn't try any of the hot chocolate. 

As for our main meals, we decided to choose on two dishes and share it out. The first one that came was Fettuccini Carbonara with Beef Bacon, Mushroom and veggie. Presentation was lovely and I love how they are so generous with the amount of bacon that was given! However, as we indulge more into this dish, we found that there was a little too much oil that was used to cook this. We were then told that they uses olive oil so it's perfectly okay. Also, as someone who likes carbonara but always finds them too creamy especially when it gets cold, I liked theirs a lot as it wasn't as creamy as I thought it would be and my stomach doesn't feel indigestive later on. 

The second dish that we ordered was Pan Smeared Salmon with carrot, broccoli and mashed potatoes. Presentation wise was once more beautiful but it may not look like a salmon dish from the pictures. Haha. That's because the salmon was covered with the thick layer of mashed potatoes. Everything about this dish was perfecto and there's not one negative comment that I could think about. 


Overall, I would rate this cafe 8/10. The ambience of the cafe felt like just another cafe to be honest, but of course, we go to a cafe more for the food rather than the ambience. Also, the music played throughout wasn't really universal in my opinion. When we first heard the music, we were both like "wwhhatt..". Haha. But it's always nicer to have some music regardless the genre rather than none at all. 

Ending my blog post with a selfie & an OOTD shot taken at the corridor of the cafe. Apologies for not having a photo of the entire entrance / the sign board of the cafe because I just always forget to take it. However, you may dine at their cafe at 7, Jalan 52/16, PJ Newtown (PJ State). Or you can just search "Twenty One Grams" on Waze and it'll lead you directly and accurately to the place. 

Cafe is pork free, and they are open from Monday - Saturday from 11am to 12am. 

Pay them a visit on your next free day! 

Signing off. xx

Sponsored by Twenty One Grams

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