Dean's List, Taylor's University

by - June 02, 2016

This might not be a big hoo-hah for many, but I was literally behaving like a jakun when I found out and received it:

Studies hasn't been exactly my forte since young and being able to cope with university was already a huge blessing for me. Every semester I would try my best to score higher than my previous semesters but earning a place in Dean's List has never crossed my mind. My sister and boyfriend gets Dean's List very often during their tertiary education years but I it is somehow set in my mind that it will never happen to me.

On Wednesday, my friends went to the Divisional Office in campus to collect their Dean's List letter / certificate and to my surprised, they asked if I have taken mine. I didn't take it seriously at all when they asked me because I know I'll never get one. What happened next shocked me. My friends saw my name in the collection list and apparently it's graded based on the GPA. I've always thought it's based on the CGPA but I guess it's not. 

It was a wonderful moment and day for me, and people who are close to me for I have made them and myself proud. Maybe, nothing really is impossible after all. 

Thank you everyone who helped me achieved so much and I hope this will only continue until the very end of my education phase of life.

Sincerely, Mels.

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