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by - June 23, 2016

A week ago, my boyfriend and I spontaneously bought Indulge tickets for Independence Day - Resurgence. I never knew what that movie was about until he made me watch the first one and I got all so excited for the new one! What makes it even more exciting is that we will be watching it while experiencing TGV Indulge for the first time!

We bought the tickets via the TGV Cinemas app, and it was stated there 8.30pm. We weren't sure exactly how things work since we ordered in-movie meals as well. I did tried searching for reviews to give us an idea of what time should we be there, etc. However, the more reviews I read, the more I got confused because they didn't dine during the movie but before. We then decided to be there earlier to enquire.

TGV Indulge, One Utama

We waited at the counter to be served and got our TGV Indulge tickets printed

Waiting / Dining Lounge. We were told that we were a little late to dine before the movie begins and we will be served with our dinner during the movie - which was what I expected. 

On the table top from where we were seated before entering the Indulge Theatre was this contest flyer. Since it's stated there "most memorable experience in TGV Indulge", does this mean you'll have to at least experience the TGV Indulge before in order to participate in this competition? Hmm.

We were then told personally that the theatre was ready and we made our way to it. 

Super comfy and clean blankets for each of us - it's not just any blanket, but more of a comforter / quilt material. Also, it smells super good!

We were then given a menu to look at for us choose our meals - our ticket includes:

1 Main Meal & 1 Dessert


1 Appetizer & 1 Main Meal

We then ordered 1 Appetizer, 2 Main Meals & 1 Appetizer and shared out everything!

On the right side of the chair has this buttons for your seats to be reclined or back to its original position. 

Each of us get a small side table as well with a call button! Feels like a V.I.P. but we were both so engrossed with the movie, we didn't need to call anyone - also because there was no need to. Haha.

That's my leg below the blanket, with my seat fully reclined to a position where it's just nice.

I can't really estimate how much it can be reclined, but let's say sitting down is 90 degrees, and lying down flat would be 180 degrees. The seat reclines in between 90 - 180 degrees (135 degrees?) whereby you'll be comfortably almost lying down without having to adjust your body or head to be able to watch the movie. Don't know if the explanation helps, but yeah.

I swear it was so comfortable that I can really just sleep there! But of course not when there's a super good movie being played on screen!

If you're wondering was there another table set out for us to eat, or were there lights for us to see what we're eating, the answer is no. We literally ate in the dark and our food was served is a tupperware - more like a bento box.

I ordered spaghetti while Boo ordered some steak. Thinking that he may need a flat surface area and a knife to cut this steak, we were surprised that he was served with only a fork. The steak has already been cut into pieces and easily eaten with a fork. That is really a lot more convenient for him to eat it without having to sit in an upright position to eat it.

No pictures of our food but only the aftermath of our dinner because it was too dark to take any pictures, and I also don't want to disturb the others with the brightly lid LCD screen from my camera.

So, is TGV Indulge worth it? It definitely is and I would choose TGV Indulge for every movie I watch if I am able to afford it every single time. Nevertheless, it was an amazing experience and I can't wait to experience it again in the future!

On a side note, Independence Day - Resurgence was really good! However, I would recommend to watch the first one first before going for this second one. Then it would be easier for you know what is going on, and who is who. Despite the fact that I did, I was still asking a few questions about it. Haha.

"Hello. I'm Dory. I suffered from a short term memory lost"

And it's a yes for Finding Dory too! So many new movies coming out this year and I believe it will continue until next year! At least I have 4 free tickets from TGV in conjunction with my birthday as well as welcome movie tickets! 

Signing off. xx

Sincerely, Mels

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