Broga Hill - August 2016

by - August 08, 2016

I have never thought that I would ever agree to go for a hike. Heck, I've been trying to avoid Tomb-Sweeping Day every year because I am afraid of hiking up to where my ancestors have been laid to rest. I have this fear of falling, or even worst, slip / slide downhill and get severely injured. However, for the past one month or so, Boo and I have been pretty motivated to get fit again. We have been going for a swim every other evening and have been considering jogging as well.

For the past few weeks, we were trying to allocate one morning to go for a hike at Broga Hill but we never found the time and also it was easier to give in to sleep when we had to wake up by 4.30am to drive to Semenyih. Being someone who does not have stamina in even running, I mustered up my courage and agreed to go for a hike. The night before I was feeling pretty nervous and worried because I had a feeling that it may not be something that I would be able to do well. 

Knowing that I will be in good hands, I decided to take up this challenge. And so it begins.

On the 7th of August, we woke up at about 5.15am and left by 6am. We got to the foot of Broga Hill at about 6.40am (Parking Fee - RM3) and we started our hike along with the public. I was feeling rather afraid because the trail looks really dark and narrow. We brought a torch along but we only used it for a short while as the sky was brightening up.

When we reached a quarter of our hike, I started slowing down and panting heavily. My legs were beginning to feel sore and it reminded me why I hated taking staircases. I took a breather and continued on not too far from where we rested the first time. Both Boo and Jon slowed down for me and I felt really bad to be holding them back when they could have easily hiked all the way up. They had experienced in hiking but this was my very first.

We then continued on to even narrower trails and trails that required ropes to pull ourselves up. Shortly after, we came across our second hardest hurdle and I was ready to give up not knowing that I have succeeded the second hardest part of the climb. I did not care about how muddy the soil was but I just needed to sit down, and I did. I was short of breath and my palpitations were out of control. I know palpitations are very common in many who do sports, but it's something that I find very difficult to endure because it will always lead to dizziness or even fainting. By then, we were already about three quarter way up but to me, it's going to take forever.

I was so convinced that it was enough and I was ready to head back down. Boo tried calling Jon to locate his whereabouts but phone signal was weak there. I even told Boo to go on and continue the hike but he refused to leave me alone.

"Know that I am with you all the way. It's your call to continue on or head back down now, and I will follow" he said.

I can't bear to disappoint him for he has looked forward to this climb for a very long time. I took a few more moments to catch my breath and to really think it through if I am able to continue on. I then told myself that being sick and weak shouldn't stop nor fear me from doubting my own abilities. I then stood back up and said

"Let's go"

I couldn't be happier when I finally saw flat grounds again after what felt like a decade of climbing. It was the foot of the first peak but I was more than happy and contented with where I was. The climb up the first peak looked like something that I will not be able to do but Boo went slightly higher to check.

That's him calling out to me and telling me that it's just gonna be like a 'walk in the park'. Well, that sounded convincing but not good enough. I just wanted to stay at where I was and not go anywhere. He assured me that the view up there would be worth it and said

"I do not want you to give up right now just because you think you're not able to push beyond your limit"

And finally, guess what?

Up we go.

I swear I almost teared up or probably making a lot of scaredy-cat noises when I started sliding backwards and what seemed like my shoes weren't gripping well, and there was no rope to help me this time. I then started crawling up and pull myself upwards as hard and as fast as I could. After a few more struggles, we reached the peak! (I found out that my sport shoes weren't suitable for hiking later on)

Yay! We found Jon who sprinted way ahead of us halfway.

And that was me for almost the whole time on the first peak. I found myself a rock and sat there, and not wanting to move until it was time to head back down - another hurdle.

Going down the first peak was really tough. It was steep and the side we were at had no rope for us to hold on to. Jon had experience with trekking and so, he was our coach and 'tour guide' down the hike. I got the hang of it after coming down from the peak but nothing felt more secure than holding on to the hands of someone who made me did what I thought I couldn't, Boo.

Thanks for everything, my love.

This whole experienced has taught me so many things

1) You will not succeed if you believe that you can't
2) You will not succeed if you're not willing to push yourself further
3) You will not succeed if you let fear control you
4) I've learnt to hike

I wouldn't say it was a fun journey but more of an eye-opening experience. Believe it when someone tells you that the climb will be worth it because it definitely was. Will I do it again? Perhaps sometime in the future after I manage to get my mind off all the scary incidents.

A big shoutout to both of the guys who played a huge role in my success. Here's a to a healthier body and lifestyle. Cheers.

Signing off. xx

Sincerely, Mels

Here's a short vlog that Boo took that morning. It wasn't a really complete one because I don't think I would have been able to hike with a camera in my hand. And with what I went through, I don't think I will have the energy and right mood to actually do a vlog. But someone made it happen without needing me to say anything.

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