The Final Hurdle

by - August 22, 2016

For the past (almost) one month, I was on semester break and this has got to be one of my most overwhelming holidays. For the first week, my sister got a week off from work and she decided to spend her time here in KL with me and also to catch up with her friends. I enjoyed her company very much and had fun taking and driving her around KL. It felt like it's been a while since we had quality sisterly time together and that one week was just priceless.

I then followed her home to Ipoh the following week to spend a week in Ipoh. That one week was mainly spent staying home and spending time with my dog, as well as cleaning and clearing my room. I do this spring cleaning once in a while and items which are still in good quality will be given to the Salvation Army for charity. Going home felt difficult for me as it meant being apart from Boo but we both made it through the week with the unconditional support and love we have for each other (as well as technology).

I guess it's when you've got so used to seeing each other everyday, being apart for a short period of time feels like forever. It's been such a challenge for me and at times, I just feel so torn between my family and Boo. I just really wish and want for the best of both worlds.

Grocery Shopping with my sister at Aeon Big, Ipoh

Spontaneous family day trip to Penang to visit my grandma on Sunday

On the 4th of August, I took the train back to KL and we had a pretty eventful weekend. We got Boo's car polished, went on my very first hike at Broga Hill - I don't know if it's a hike or a climb. It seemed like some sort of morning walk for many people but I was struggling - and lastly, celebrated Jessica's 21st Birthday at Awegallery. Monday night - movie date with Boo, Suicide Squad. Tuesday - making onde-onde with Belle and a spontaneous photoshoot.

Broga Hill

Jessica's 21st Birthday

Denim Theme


3 days later, I drove back to Ipoh to spend time with my family as well as a trip down to Penang for the weekend. I don't know if it's just me or what but whenever I am back in Ipoh, time seemed to be moving much slower as compared to when I'm in KL despite doing the exact same thing in both location. I had a wonderful time with my family and got myself hooked with 2 HK dramas which my dad and sister introduced me to - A Fist Within Four Walls & Dearest Daddy.

During the weekend in Penang, we brought my cousins from Australia around Penang. We left for Penang Hill on Saturday morning and got there early enough to actually be eligible for early bird tickets which were just RM3 each. We then went up to Kek Lok Si, had lunch at a cafe on Chulia Street while hunting for some Pokemons and visited a Glass Museum before dinner. Dinner was at The Royale Bintang Penang for their buffet dinner courtesy of Uncle George's parents.

Penang Hill

Legit real cat at Kek Lok Si

Pokemon Hunting

Glass Museum

Buffet Dinner @ The Royale Bintang, Penang

The next day, we went to Beach Street to look around (while catching Pokemons along the way) and then drove around Armenian Street, Archeh Street as well as Gurney Drive / Georgetown before heading to 1st Avenue. We left for Ipoh after lunch.

Beach Street

On Tuesday morning, I began my journey back to KL with all the supplies that I got from Ipoh and met up with Belle for lunch at the apartment. My days were mostly spent on playing The Sims 2 as well as watching lots of YouTube videos as well as HK dramas and I worked for KL Fashion Week 2016 on Thursday and Friday evening. Glad to be able to earn some income with manageable jobs I must say. Friday night was a challenging one. Long story short:

1) My iPhone heat up and it just shut off for a long period of time before I could turn it on again. To make things worst, it just had to happen when I was finishing my work and when Pavilion was closing.

2) To ensure customers leave the building, the security guards put up bars to guide everyone out. I was forced to take a different lift to the carpark which I ended up getting lost. I was wearing long pants and blazer which made me sweat like mad and to make things worst, there were creepy men at the basement which just really wanted to make me scream. Can this night get any worst?

3) It definitely did. My spoiler was hit by the boom gate. Period. - No damage spotted 

The next day, Boo and I were to fly out to Penang to visit my family, grandma and relatives. I had been trying to check in for our Sunday flight but I don't know why but I just couldn't do it. I gave up and decided to go through counter check in on Sunday and luckily all is well for our departure on Saturday. I quickly packed and then went to bed at 2am.

Makeup and hairdo for work @ KLFW 2016

20th August - woke up at 6am, got to the airport by 7.30am, arrived Penang by 10am. We were greeted by my mum and Aunt Christina and then the grandchildren started cooking for my grandma for lunch. Lunch was a success and then the boys took a nap after lunch from the exhaustion. In the evening, we drove to Kapal Singh drive to catch some Pokemons as well as to redeem some free ice creams at McDonalds. We then had dinner at Tsunami Village at Tanjong Bungah and then 'after party' at Healy Macs, Straits Quay to catch the badminton match between Dato Lee Chong Wei and Chen Long. Boo and I slept in the living room that night and it was my first time sleeping downstairs after 21 years. I have always wondered how it would feel like and I finally did.

First time flying with Malindo

Lunch cooked by the grandkids

Beloved Ah Mah

Dinner at Tsunami Village

Drinks, Pokemon Hunt & Badminton Match @ Healy Macs, Straits Quay

On Sunday morning, the 9 of us went for bowling at Penang Bowl and we definitely had tons of fun. It's probably the first time we went for bowling in such a big group. We then went for lunch in Sungai Ara. Had a good chat with everyone throughout lunch and then it was time to bid farewell to everyone. Boo and I was suppose to fly back to Subang at 3.50pm but flight got delayed to 4.20pm and we landed only at about 5.30pm.

Bowling @ Penang Bowl

Lunch @ Goh Teo Kee, Sungai Ara


I have another week of holiday before my final university year begins but right now as I am blogging this, I am encountering what they call as post vacation blues? But instead of vacation, it's more of like a homesick-ish kind of feeling. I miss my family as well as everyone whom I have spend my time with for the past few weeks. Over the weekend, there were so many hoo-hahs and the moment I got back to KL, I felt really quiet. I just miss everyone and it's time to getting adjust back to being in KL with my usual routine of going to university and focusing on work.

A part of me feels like returning to Ipoh but I have a strong feeling that I am going to feel even worst once the week is over. Perhaps to avoid from making things worst, I should just stay on and start adjusting back to my usual routine. I guess this is the main reason why I never really spend like a really long time at home because I know I don't cope well with readjusting. But as time goes by, as I grow older, I just want a balance which I never find it necessary in the past.

Everything would have been worst if Boo wasn't here for me. Thank you for lending me your shoulder while I bawled my eyes out, thank you for hearing me out and thank you for being in my life. 

Here's to cherish the great moments and memories spent with loved ones and to face my final hurdle with confidence and to give my best.

Signing off. xx

Sincerely, Mels

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