Day 1 | Bangkok 2016

by - November 30, 2016

We started our day with our first stop to Cutboy, a shop that sells different types of chef knives. You may check out their Instagram account here. We headed to Siam BTS through Siam Paragon, which is walkable from the hotel that we stayed in. 

We bought BTS tickets from Siam to Thong Lo BTS which cost THB34 each.

A random OOTD shot at the staircases of Thong Lo BTS station.

"Upon arriving at Thong Lo BTS station, head towards exit 4 and look for 'Soi Sukhumvit 38'"

Clearly I know nothing about professional chef knives but Jon was looking to purchase some because obviously, he's a chef. Haha. However, I did enjoy the shop quite a bit because it's very hipster looking both interior and exterior. We spent about 2 hours there before heading out for street food around Thong Lo BTS station. 

Sam is by far the most polite sales person I have ever met. He made sure we were all comfortable and offered each of us a bottle of water. When our credit cards wouldn't go through or when we took some time to decide which knife to buy, he was very patient with us and even suggested if we would like to have a meal first. Before leaving, he recommended a place for us to have lunch although we did not manage to try it out. Thank you for giving us such a good experience, Sam. 

An OOTD shot outside a cafe next to Cutboy

We then walked back to where we exited Thong Lo BTS station as below it is where some of the street food is located at.

"Coming down from Exit 4 staircase of Thong Lo station, cross to the left of the main road, and then towards the opposite side"

We first walked along the street to survey on what we should eat when we came across this duck noodle shop. I don't think it's commercialize or anything but it was really good. 

This was THB40 per bowl, which we later on added another bowl because it was that good!

We then continued walking around, it's like a L shape walkway from where we had our duck noodles and found this aunty that sells Rotee for THB30 each.

This is very similar to Roti Canai, but with bananas, lots of condensed milk as well as sugar. Somehow this tasted like childhood to me although I can't recall what exactly was it that I ate before.

As we walked further down the street, we found ourselves in this restaurant called Hoi-Tod Chaw-Lee. 

Pad-Thai Seafood (THB100-200)

Or Suan (THB200++)

Their version of Pepsi

Next stop was Erawan Shrine. We took the BTS from Thong Lo to Chit Lom station which was THB31 each. 

"Upon arriving at Chit Lom station, there will be signages to guide you over to Erawan Shrine. Follow them and they should lead you into Erawan Bangkok."

When you see this piece of art at Chit Lom station, you should be heading the right direction.

"Walk through Erawan Bangkok and exit at Club 21 entrance, head down the staircases, walk towards the left and it should lead you to Erawan Shrine"

We paid THB100 for only the joss sticks as we didn't need the other offering items that comes with it. However, you should beware of the amount offered as there are some who will charge you for a very high price. Read here.

We then headed to Gaysorn Mall which is situated just opposite Erawan Shrine.

"Note: This is a very Insta-worthy location for portrait / OOTD shots"

We didn't do much here except walking around the mall to escape the crazy heat outside, sat down for about 30 minutes as well as toilet break before continuing our day.

Our next stop was Central World which has like so many things to see as well as to shop - a mall which offers more affordable stuff as compared to Gaysorn Mall.

"There's a connecting bridge from Gaysorn Mall to Central World. (Unfortunately, I can't recall which exit or which floor it's situated at)"

Witnessed this magnificent view of Bangkok in the evening on the connecting bridge.

We were about to head into Central World when we saw lights under a canopy from afar. All of us had the same thought that it may be a huge street food place, like finally!

And we were right!

We then decided to head into Central World first as we weren't very hungry yet. We saw so many things in the mall and I did not realize that I didn't take any pictures of the mall until now! No worries, there's a few clips in my vlog. Check it out at the end of this blog post! 

Before heading back out to get street food for dinner, we stopped by this restaurant to try the Japanese Omurice.

Dinner @ street food outside Central World

"Siew Yoke" / Roast Pork - THB100

Tom Yam Noodle - THB150

Fried Crab - THB200 each

Mango Sticky Rice - THB100

I'm not sure what's this called but I call it the pork popsicle - THB30

and we also had sotong that cost THB150.

After dinner, we decided to walk back to the hotel and while walking, we passed by a night market in front of Platinum Mall and got ourselves some stuff. 

What amazed me the most was that there's this mobile bar that was selling tons of alcohol! Sadly I don't drink, or else I would probably have gotten cheap alcohol drink but I am not entirely sure about the price.

That's all for Day 1! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more!


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Signing off. xx

Sincerely, Mels

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