The Residence Rajtaevee Hotel | Bangkok 2016

by - November 25, 2016

My schedules have been all over the place. It's either I'm busy with university work, or I'll be on the plane traveling. This month has been crazy because I've been traveling so much while trying to maintain my grades. As I am writing this blog post, I'm currently in Changi Airport waiting for my flight back to Malaysia. Will definitely blog about my impromptu trip to Singapore after I'm done with my Bangkok travel posts!

Note: This post is of reverse sequel. Meaning instead of bringing you readers from the outside to inside, I'm doing it the other way around. 

The Residence Rajtaevee Hotel

This was the hotel that we stayed for all 3 nights. I found it on Agoda, and got the room that comes with a one way airport transfer for only MYR600. We later on added an extra bed when we got to the hotel for 2100Baht. 

Upon entering the room...

Bathroom is on the right, beverage counter & closet is on the left.

Hairdryer was provided as well - A girl's essential.

Comfy beds that made it so difficult for me to get up in the morning!

PS: Pictures were taken the morning after we arrived because A, I love taking photos during the day, and B, I was very tired already when we arrived at midnight. 

This is how un-feminine I can be when I'm not outside.


This is me helping Jon with some formatting for his assignment (and also because my hair looks good here haha).

A selfie with this guy here before heading out!

Hotel's cafeteria on the ground floor, next to the reception area.

Reception on the left

Photo taken from the other side - Reception and cafeteria on the right, straight ahead and turn left is where the lift is to head up to the rooms.

A little patio.

When I first booked the place on Agoda, the pictures shown wasn't very convincing and I thought it was a little dodgy. But I took the chance because I couldn't resist the fact that the room comes with airport transfer especially when we arrived at midnight where public transports may no longer be operating by then.

I booked a sport rider but a van came by to pick us up instead. And I mean those hollywood stars 9 seater van kinda van. Haha. All of us felt that the ambience of the hotel is very much like a resort and it did not feel dodgy at all (despite that the van had to turn down a short alley way to get to the hotel which was dark at night).

As mentioned, location was good as it was a minute walk away from a 7-eleven, and perhaps a 10 minutes walk to Siam Paragon. Siam BTS is located just outside of Siam Paragon, so it was very convenient for us. If you're a budget traveler and would want to stay somewhere convenient and central, I would high recommend this hotel! But if you have the money to spend, there's a hotel called  Kempinski which I think would cost a fortune which is located literally next to Siam Paragon which I would say it's linked. Haha. 

"Travel trip: Always remember to activate international roaming for your mobile number! I wasn't aware mine was not activated and I am entitled for free data roaming in Thailand."

Day 1 Vlog:

Stay tuned for more!

Signing off. xx

Sincerely, Mels

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