Day 2 | Bangkok 2016

by - December 04, 2016

Our first stop for the day was Chatuchak Weekend Market. It operates obviously only on weekends from 9am till 6pm. We took the BTS from Siam Station to Mo Chit Station which cost us THB42 per person.

We got here around noon and we hadn't eaten anything since we woke up. Hence, the first thing that we searched for upon arriving was food!

We were just walking around and we came across this stall that sells all sorts of Thai Salad and the first thought that I had was "Oh boy" because I am so not a salad person. Haha. We didn't notice that it was all just salad until we were choosing what to order. The place is called Jeed-Jard, Chatuchak Weekend Market, Section 8 Soi 17/1.

Minced Pork with Crispy Noodle Salad

This proves that I am a really bad food blogger as I can't recall the exact names of the first two salads that we ordered except for the third one. The whole meal cost us about THB300.

We then spend another 2 hours or so walking around, purchasing stuff as well as more food!

Thai Milk Tea

We ordered 3 different bowls of noodles as our lunch; Fish, Pork, and Chicken (or was it beef?)

The weather was just too hot for us to enjoy any further being in Chatuchak Market, so we hailed a cab to head to Wat Pho, which cost us THB115 (about THB38 per person). It was then we realized that it doesn't really make a big difference if we were to take the train or a cab when you're traveling in a group because it amounts to almost the same price. The only difference that I can think of would be during rush hour that the cab you're in would probably get caught in the jam and the meter will just keep on increasing to God knows how much.

There's an entrance fee of THB100 per person to enter Wat Pho.

Everyone is free to walk around the place but upon entering this hall (?) where this huge Buddha statue sits, I was required to wear a sarong and scarf to cover up.

We then headed to the Grand Palace which is situated just next to Wat Pho. However, due to the passing of the King, visitors weren't allowed to enter. I'm not too sure how long they would restrict visitors from entering, but when we were there, it has been just only 2-3 weeks since the King passed away.

Everyone just hung around outside the palace and we got to witness something that is probably once in a lifetime.

The whole area was on very tight security whereby all of us had to go through a checkpoint to get our passport checked, bags and body searched before we were allowed to enter the area.

There were police cars everywhere.

The whole road was blocked from a roundabout at the main road up to Wat Pho.

Canopies were set up to offer free drinks and food, or even fans and portraits of the King to those who were mourning as well as tourists / passerby.

As we walk further away from the Grand Palace, we noticed that there was a very very very long queue beyond the fence (right side of the picture) which we figured out it's probably the locals queuing up to pay their last respects to their King. It was like a night market in there with even more drinks and food stalls set up to serve as many people as possible.

We were walking our way towards Khaosan Road when we spotted even more locals dressed in black, just like those who were queuing near the Grand Palace.

These groups of people are probably waiting for their turn to get to Grand Palace as well. I really wonder how long have they been waiting and how long more will they take.

After what felt like forever of walking, we finally got to Khaosan Road!

Khaosan Road is a place with more food and shoppings to do. But we notice that a lot of the things are quite repetitive. However, we did spend quite some time here because firstly...

...the boys decided to get some foot and shoulder massage. They were persuading me to try as well but I really dare not!

"Tip: The massage cost them only THB150 each and there are a lot of these massage places that offers different prices. So, be sure to check around the place first before settling for one because you might never know if there's a cheaper one down the road!"

Some bromance going on here.

After about 30 minutes of massaging, we continued walking and found ourselves waiting to get our hennas done! It was a really spontaneous decision and that was the very first time the 3 of us were getting a henna.

We then had Pad-Thai for dinner! We ordered only 2 to share and I'm glad we did because the portion was huge!

After dinner, we decided to head back to Siam Paragon via tuk tuk to explore the mall.

"Tip: Bargain for the tuk tuk as they tend to offer a super high price hoping you won't bargain. We were first offered for THB300 from Khaosan Road to Siam Paragon. We said no and started walking away and then Jon bargained for THB100 for all 3 of us and the person just accepted it."

Our tuk tuk experience could have given all of us a heart attack because the way the driver was handling the vehicle was just crazy! Worse was he force his way across the road with the incoming traffic honking him. Glad that we got to our destination in one piece! Haha.

Upon arriving in Siam Paragon, we changed our mind and decided to walk over to Hard Rock Cafe Bangkok which is technically like on the opposite side of Siam Paragon. We were using an offline map application called 'Ulmon' to navigate ourselves around.

Ended our night with some drinks as well as good music.


Stay tuned for Day 3!

Signing off. xx

Sincerely, Mels.

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