Day 3 | Bangkok 2016

by - December 06, 2016

As I was editing through my last badge of photos, I only noticed that I took awfully little photos of our Day 3, let alone insta-worthy shots. Hence, apologies in advance for a slightly more boring blog post of our Day 3 in Bangkok.

Before heading out to explore the last bits of the place, we packed up our luggage and proceeded with checking out from the hotel first. As we were having dinner on the first night outside Central World, we met a lady who was also from Malaysia that recommended a Wan Tan Mee store opposite Platinum Mall. So we decided to look for it and give it a go!

I am not exactly sure if 'No Branch in Singapore' is their restaurant name, but it was plastered everywhere around their shop. So, I guess it is?

Besides Wan Tan Mee, they also sell pork rice which was pretty good.

However, for the Wan Tan Mee, we felt that Malaysia's version is still nicer. Haha.

We ordered a plate of pork rice, 3 bowls of Wan Tan noodles as well as some drinks, the whole meal cost us THB520.

We then walked over to Pratunam Market where tons of cheap clothes are sold there! It's so much cheaper than Chatuchak Weekend Market but it also depends on what sort of style you prefer. The signage is only shown on the main street, but find your way to go further in the area. When you find yourself in a sea of people and clothes, you're at the right place.

The place is so cramped up that I barely used my camera, except for a few blur shots and one that is not perfect, but will do to illustrate what I'm trying to explain.

When it's crowded and hot, you would end up not enjoying yourself. Unless you're some serious shopaholic that doesn't mind the heat, then have fun!

After an hour walking around the place, we couldn't stand the heat and walked into Pantip Plaza for air-conditioning and to rest our feet at A&W. The plaza sells a lot of gadgets and IT stuff. So if you're an electronic junky, then you might enjoy yourself there.

PS: In my vlog, I stated it was Platinum Mall instead of Pantip Plaza. #fail

We then decided to check out Siam Paragon for real this time as Jon was interested to check out their grocer there. It was really interesting because they had so much more stuff that we don't usually see in Malaysia. As a chef, Jon was like over the moon checking out everything. Haha.

And then I saw one of my weaknesses. Croissants! It's so colourful and they even had mini sized ones which was just adorable!

I find this pretty useful for me because I'm a dumb dumb when it comes to these stuff. Haha.

We then walked back the hotel after purchasing a large amount of stuff which cost us around THB1500 in total. The airport transfer has already been arranged when we got back, and the driver was already ready and waiting to drive us.


All in all, I had a really wonderful experience exploring Bangkok - except for when an uncle approached me thinking I'm Thai and tried chatting with me when the boys were in an IT store. I find it rather annoying when strangers approach me like this. Similar incident happened to me in 1 Utama few months back but I think that was for some YouTube video like 'How to Pick Up Girls in Malaysia' or something.

Anyway, this marks the very last post for my Bangkok trip! I hope you readers find it informative and helpful. Do feel free to drop me an email for further info / clarification.

Till my next post. Signing off. xx

Sincerely, Mels.

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