Orchard Road | Christmas in Singapore 2016

by - December 12, 2016


As mentioned in my previous blog post, the decision for me to visit Singapore was pretty much an abrupt one. Every year I would wish to be able to visit Singapore during the Christmas season to witness the Christmas decorations there. I know it's pretty crazy to travel to a different country just to see the Christmas decorations, but you have no idea how crazy I am about Christmas.

The main reason I flew to Singapore is pretty personal, but let's just say that my accommodation was almost-free of charge if I were to be in Singapore for that few days. I was contemplating whether to take the chance as I had assignment datelines to meet, classes to attend and finals wasn't that far away neither. I was talking to my mum about it and her initial response was a no. I didn't push for it but later on she changed her mind and allowed me to make the final call.

When my class ended at about 1pm, I made my final decision to just go for it. Drove back to my apartment and it was already 2pm. Oh, and did I mention that my passport was back in Ipoh at that time? So, yeah. The moment I got back to my apartment, I proceeded with buying train tickets for me to travel back to Ipoh first to grab my passport, and then purchase my flight tickets which took quite some time as the price went up from the last I checked and I had to troubleshoot some issue. By then, it was already 2.45pm, and my train back to Ipoh was at 4pm.

This has got to be the fastest I have ever packed my luggage as I did everything within 30 minutes or so. I didn't had time to pick out my best clothes nor had the time to think about the OOTDs which I always do for my recent trips. At 3.15pm, I booked my UBER and it came only at 3.30pm FML! I was praying so hard that I wouldn't miss my train as it takes about 20-30 minutes to get to the train station from my apartment. Thankfully, I made it just right on time.

I was greeted by my parents upon arriving in Ipoh, and we went out for dinner at my favourite beef noodle place. Before heading home, we stopped by a mall to get my international roaming done as I have learnt my lesson from my Bangkok trip. I then spent the rest of the night catching up with my family as well as spending some time with my dog.

When I woke up the next morning, my eye was swollen from an infection which I wasn't really sure what happened. Hence, nerdy glasses all the way and all the time while I was in Singapore. Bye bye nice photos of me looking pretty. My mum dropped me off at the train station and it really reminded the both of us during my schooling days when my mum would drop me to school around the same time. My train back to KL was at 7.30am, and it was scheduled to arrive at 10am. However, the train got delayed and I only arrived KL Sentral at 10.30am. I was so glad to have listened to my mum to get everything packed before leaving KL or else I would have definitely missed my flight. 

Upon arriving in KL, I headed for the ERL to get myself straight to KLIA2. I first had my brunch before heading in to my boarding gate and as usual, I was there super early. I was hoping to get some assignments done on my laptop but there wasn't any proper waiting area and it was pretty crowded. Hence, I only stood against a wall while scrolling through my social media the whole time as I had offered my chair to an elderly lady.


As excited as I was being able to fly to Singapore, I was feeling rather nervous since my train ride back to KL. I know I have flown so many times with the same exact airline. I kept reminding myself that everything will be just the same as how it has always been. The only difference is that I'll be flying alone this time. That thought alone is enough to make me feel so uncomfortable and the amount of time I thought I needed to head to the bathroom for number 2 is just crazy.

Throughout the journey, I kept texting my family members as well as boyfriend to feel less alone. My dad was pretty concern about my fears although I did not mention anything about it until he asked me. I admitted that I was afraid and nervous but my family and boyfriend assured me that everything will be alright as Singapore is just an hour of flight away and it's a safe country. Sooner or later, I will need to travel alone for work, so it's not too late nor too early to start conquering my fears.

I finally felt much more calm and relaxed when I got to my gate despite being there a tad too early but at least it makes me feel less nervous than I already was than being late. I remembered vividly how many times I checked the screen to make sure that I was at the correct gate. I really do not wish to experience being Kevin McCalister from Home Alone 2. For that flight, I booked myself a hot seat as it was the only type of seat left. Hence, I was entitled for priority boarding and it seriously made me feel like a boss when I walked pass everyone who had to wait till the hot seat flyers have already boarded the plane. Haha. I can see the annoyance and frustrations from their face as most of the time, I do not get this privilege as well.

When I got to the plane, my next fear hit me. How am I going to get my luggage up the cabin? Okay, I know I sound super princess here but I always had someone to help me with it; either my boyfriend or my dad. Unfortunately, I had to do it myself this time and being someone with weak arm strength, it was a real struggle for me. With that said, I mustered up my courage and strength to just go for it and not embarrass myself in front of those who were already on board before me. When I did manage to do it, I felt like Hulk or some superwomen with powers. Bro, do you even lift? Obviously I don't.

And there I was, on my way to Singapore!


My nervousness continued when the plane touched down in Changi Airport. I'm glad that everything was pretty straight forward in Terminal 1 and I passed through immigration without a hassle. When I found myself at the arrival hall, I literally asked myself, what do I do now. Oh right. Taxi. Right in front of me was the taxi stand, but some of the lanes were closed and it seemed like only the priority lane was open. Next to it was a tourism counter and I asked the lady if I should just use the priority lane. She then pointed out that there was another entrance open next to the priority lane and I literally face-palmed myself on how un-observant I can be. To be honest, everything was a little blurry to me as I was a little panicky about everything. 

It's like in movies when the actor or actresses is about to pass out, the display on screen begins moving in slow motion and blurry images are being shown. I felt a little bit like that but of course not as severe as passing out.

Anyway, I got myself a cab, and I got to the hotel at 3.30pm.


It was a 20-30 minutes ride from the airport to the hotel and it's situated at a pretty good location hotel I would say. It's only about 500m walk to Bugis Junction as well as Bugis MRT station. There's convenient stores, a few malls (Brash Basah Complex is literally just opposite the hotel) as well as restaurants nearby. The price offered on Agoda per night is about MYR450 for the most basic room. And if you're wondering where's the desk, my camera was sitting on it while capturing this photo. Haha.

When my boyfriend was done with his conference, we went for dinner at a nearby KFC for dinner at 8pm (as if there's nothing else better to eat in Singapore haha). I'm sure there's a lot more good food to eat in Singapore but we just couldn't decide on what to eat and we soon stumbled upon KFC and just went for it. Also, I was on a budget travel. Hence, cheap and reasonable food sounded good for me.

We then headed to Orchard Road to witness CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS! 

Tiffany Blue colored theme decorations situated in front of 313 Somerset.

Decorations at The Centre Point, which is situated directly opposite of 313 Somerset.

We then proceeded to walk further to witness the other decorations when we realized we were walking away from the Christmas lights as the street got darker. We then made a U-Turn and passed by 313 Somerset's decorations again which was just amazingly beautiful!

The biggest Victoria's Secret I have ever seen! As of date, I own only a bottle perfume and a handbag from VS. Perhaps some lingerie next? 😏 😏

A huge Christmas tree in front of The Paragon, Singapore. I've always loved classic looking Christmas tree with gold and red decorations against yellow fairy lights and a green Christmas tree. I personally feel that it gives a very majestic yet warm feeling.

The amount of time for me to edit this selfie was crazy! The backlight was too strong, hence I needed to work some magic around it a few times to get it looked only slightly better in the end 😒 😒. But it's okay! It's our first Christmas in Singapore together and there's nothing happier than that!

A simple Nutcracker statue in front of Tangs.

A random selfie while sitting down in front of Tangs while enjoying our McFlurry and exchanging some interesting conversations. My cravings for ice cream these days are just indescribable. So much for trying to lose some body weight.

Another Tiffany Blue themed Christmas tree in front of ION Orchard but with a shaped ornament pattern to it. Apparently the public were allowed to enter the Christmas tree and view it from the inside. Unfortunately for us, it was closed that night.

Within the same area, there was a mini sized maze created using Christmas leaves (?) accompanied with fairy lights as well as silver and blue ball ornaments. I'M IN LOVE! 

The face of a person who has attended a full day of conference, yet spending some quality time with his crazy girlfriend who is so fond of Christmas decorations. Eh, global warming la.

But also the person who will still put a smile on his face regardless ♥️

That's it for my first day! Stay tuned for more. Cheers!


Signing off. xx

Sincerely, Mels.

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