Travel Itinerary | Christmas in Singapore 2016

by - December 10, 2016

As this was an unplanned trip to Singapore, I pretty much didn't had a plan nor an itinerary on what I was going to do there. I literally made my decision and bought my plane ticket a day before departing from Malaysia. I was in Singapore for a very short period of time, 3D2N to be exact, and all I had in mind was Orchard Road, Marina Bay Sands and Gardens By The Bay. Plus, it's the Christmas season and it's my favourite time of the year to travel to Singapore because of their decorations. I have not been to that many countries as of date but I'm sure Christmas celebrations would be of much bigger scale in the Western countries. But as for now, I am very much happy with what Singapore has to offer.

Anyway, below is my travel itinerary, or in other words, my ad hoc arrangement while I was in Singapore. Haha

Day 1
1.30pm : Departure from KLIA2
2.30pm : Arrival at Changi Airport Terminal 1
3.30pm : Checked in at Grand Pacific Hotel, 101 Victoria Street, Singapore.
8.00pm : Dinner at KFC (opposite Bugis MRT station)
9.00pm : Orchard Road
10.30pm : Back to hotel

Day 2
9.30am : Breakfast in hotel
2.30pm : Left hotel to Marina Bay Sands
4.30pm : Left Marina Bay Sands to Gardens By The Bay
7.45pm : Light show @ Supertree Grove, Gardens By The Bay
8.30pm : Back to hotel

Day 3
11.00am : Check out from hotel, brunch @ Bugis
12.30pm : Departed to Terminal 1 Changi Airport

As I have been to Singapore in 2013, I pretty much did more things at that time with my relatives bringing me around and that I had more days there. Hence, there wasn't much specific things that I really wanted to see this time, but more of the Christmas decorations as well as to visit the domes in Gardens By The Bay. Will blog in more detailed in my upcoming posts. 

However, I apologize in advance if I do not manage to do it anytime soon as I have finals coming up in less than a week and I'll need all the time I can and have to prepare for it! I can't wait to share my first solo traveling experience with you guys! In the meantime, please watch my vlog which I have already uploaded on my YouTube channel.

PS: I'm so grateful for WhatsApp chat as it's my source of reference to keep track of the time and duration of the places that I have visited as I keep my boyfriend updated all the time on my whereabouts.

Till then. Signing off. xx

Sincerely, Mels

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