Christmas 2016

by - January 23, 2017

This is a super long overdue post which was supposed to be published like 2 weeks ago, but work has really been taking its toll on me. Everyday when I come home, I just want to rest, not face any more laptops, and just YouTube the whole night and eventually fall asleep. When weekend comes, I just want to rest, relax and do things that doesn't really require me using my laptop. Hence, the delay, delay and delay, until now. Will blog about my internship next time!


Christmas last year was extra special and meaningful to me. Not only we finally once again had a full Christmas celebration, but someone else came along to celebrate with my family as well - my boyfriend, Thomas.

The previous time he joined my family for Christmas was back in 2013. That was the only time that my family celebrated Christmas in Ipoh as we usually have it in Penang. That year, Thomas was able to join us for a short Christmas eve lunch but could not stay for long as Christmas eve also happens to be his brother's birthday as well.

As for last year, I am really happy and glad that we finally got to spent a full Christmas together.


We started our journey to Penang from Ipoh at 11am on the 24th of December 2016. The rest of my family left a few hours earlier than we did because I had to get my phone fixed first before traveling. By the time we arrived in Penang, it was already lunch time. The adults bought hawker food back and all of us ate in my grandma's place while exchanging interesting and funny conversations with my extended family. The rest of the afternoon was a pretty chill one as many of us took a nap while some others watched TV. As for me, I was watching TV when I fell asleep. 

At 5pm, my sister, Adeline, my dad, Thomas and I went to Queensbay Mall to collect a couple of seafood platter from Manhattan Fish Market as well as a whole turkey from Morganfield's. When we arrived, the restaurant wasn't quite ready with our orders. So we took a short stroll to the main concourse of Queensbay Mall to take a look at their Christmas decorations.

I look super crappy, but whatever!

We collected the order from Manhattan Fish Market at about 5.45pm, and then proceeded to Morganfield's to collect the turkey. Long story short, we waited for 1.5 hours for the turkey due to a few reasons given by the restaurant on the delay. To compensate back our time, they served us each a cup of Fanta as well as a bowl of mushroom soup. Before we left, the manager apologized to us again and offered us a discount on our next visit.

We then got back to my grandma's place only at about 7.45pm when dinner was suppose to be at 6.30pm. Without any more delays, we immediately set up everything and the feast begun!

The highlight of our Christmas dinner.

"Fun fact: Probably about 20 years ago, my family once had turkey for Christmas but it seemed to be that it was the only time that they had turkey for Christmas. Apparently, my sister was part of the occasion and ever since, she would request to have turkey for meals every time she was at my grandma's. Hence, my grandma would cook chicken in black sauce and told my sister that it's turkey and that dish has been called 'Black Turkey' up till today. As we grew up, we knew that it isn't actually turkey, but we never wonder how did the name came about until my aunt shared the story with us."

So last year was our first official year having a home Christmas dinner with a turkey. Usually we would go out for Chinese food as if it's a Chinese New Year reunion dinner. I personally enjoyed last year's way of celebration more because it felt so much more meaningful and homely.

Ohana ❤️

After dinner, it was time for us to unwrap all of our presents! Watch my vlog to see how it's done.

This year, all the cousins did a little something extra. Each of us bought my grandma an extra gift and she had the time of her life opening all of them. I think she even got tired half way that she asked for my help with the unwrapping. Haha.


Started our Christmas Day with attending the morning mass in Cathedral of The Holy Spirit, Penang. It's a routine that we practice in my family as my mum and my sister, as well as the extended family are Catholics.

It was then lunch in this restaurant around Gurney, which I can't recall the name.

After lunch, we all headed back to my grandma's for a little chit chat and also for family shots!

The girls.

Cousins and the 'imported' ones.

Kids and grandma.


Ohana + one.


Couldn't ask for a better way to celebrate Christmas and here's to more Christmas spent together as a family ❤️

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