Malacca 2016

by - January 08, 2017

On the weekend of 26th November 2016, Eunice, Terry, Thomas and I went for a short getaway to Malacca. We started our journey at 8am, and impromptu stopped in Nilai for breakfast with Johnson before continuing our journey to Malacca.

Our very first stop was the Klebang Original Coconut Shake. I have never tried it before, heck, didn't even it existed until this trip! I remembered taking a photo of the coconut shake, but it was not found in my camera nor phone. But it's in my vlog, which I'll link it at the end of this blogpost.

We then checked in to our hotel called Kota Lodge, which is just 5 minutes walk to Jonker Street. Rather convenient, but kindly note that it's not any fancy hotel. It's good enough for a night to stay, and necessary amenities are provided. Attention to the ladies, there was no hairdryer provided. So, please remember to bring it yourselves if you should stay in the same hotel.

Not knowing that it was THAT near to Jonker, we actually drove instead and parked at this open space carpark which cost RM3 per entry. We first walked around Kota Merah, before queueing up for the famous chicken rice balls.

I found out about this newly opened H&M from a friend who also visited Malacca recently. I just love how retailers preserve the building structure and also maintaining its heritage, and also creating this vintage feel.

While walking to Chung Wah for chicken rice balls, we saw this walkway with its walls painted beautifully and we made it an agenda to go after lunch.

There is a name for this particular walkway, but I couldn't remember what is it called, and it can't even be found on geo tags application.

It was rather hot and we found an air cond 'refuge' next to the walkway, which is actually a museum / exhibition centre.

We then walked back to our car when my photography mind struck me and decided to try to turn these red pillars into something hipster!

We were to head to the new attraction in Malacca - Sand Dunes - but we made a few stops on the way. First was durian cendol at Wisma Tan Kim Hock. I remember the name of the building rather well because it's also my late grandfather's name. I wonder if there's a related history with the building. Haha.

We then Waze our way towards Pantai Klebang where we believe the sand dunes should be nearby, when we came across this beautiful seaside. We pulled over, got down from the car, and enjoyed the sea breeze for a little, and also to take a few photos.

Mastering the art of timer shots.

We continue driving after that, and soon found ourselves nearby the sand dunes. The path way is blocked to stop cars from going in. Hence, everyone went on foot to get to the sand dunes. It took us about 20 minutes plus minus to get to where the sands are from where we had to park.

Someone isn't impressed with the pile of white (construction) sand that we found, and is more interested with his phone.

In pictures, the sand dunes looks like a really beautiful place but when I was actually there, it was just 'meh' and felt nothing too special about it. #doitforthegram

By the time we left the sand dunes and got to our car, it was already dark at about 7.30pm. We then headed to Ban Lee Siang for Satay Celup! I remember not having it the previous time because it was spicy but this time, I just force it down my throat and drank lots of water because it was delicious! Just bear in mind that the queue may get really long especially during dinner hours.

We then drove back to our hotel for a quick toilet break, and then we (got clever) and walked to Jonker Street for the night market. It was rather crowded and as usual, we did not complete the whole night market. We turned back halfway because it was very crowded and the stuff sold were pretty repetitive.

Hard Rock Cafe night view

We wanted to have drinks in Hard Rock Cafe but it was fully booked and we had to wait for at least 2 hours to see if a table would free up. We then looked for other options and found this little cafe that has tables set up along the water canals. It was a breezy night and we all ordered a drink, and chit chatted for about an hour until we started to get bitten by mosquitoes. Also, if you're not a big fan of river smell, I wouldn't recommend you to go because it can get rather bad. None of us mind it I guess, at least not me. Hehe. Again, I thought I had photos but you can see it in my vlog.

Day 2

 I brought them to Baba Low for breakfast the next morning. My sister recommended the place the previous time we visited Malacca and I find their food rather nice. I'm glad that the others enjoyed it too.

This is my special Nasi Lemak which I told them I do not want it spicy. Haha

We then headed for our second breakfast at Sun May Hiong Satay House for pork satay, as recommended by Thomas. 

We then left Malacca around noon as there wasn't much left to do.

It was a rather short trip, but it definitely was fun. Can't wait for the next trip with this bunch!

For a more detailed post, please visit the following link:

Note: Places mentioned above can be found on Waze as that was the only application that we relied on to get us to places.


Signing off. xx

Sincerely, Mels.

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