Chinese New Year 2017

by - February 10, 2017

It's the 7th day of Chinese New Year today (when I started writing this blog post 🙄), which means it's not too late yet to wish you readers..


I'm going to share my few days of Chinese New Year celebration / holiday / break from work with you readers and I hope I do not bore you guys. Will try to keep it as interesting as I can 😁

26th January 2017

Thomas and I along with Nelson drove back to Ipoh at 6am. The traffic was reported terrible the previous night, which leaves us rather worried on how long will it take us to get home. Luckily enough for us, we got back within 2.5 hours as we left right before the traffic got heavy again.

Upon arriving in Ipoh, we dropped Nelson home first, before heading for breakfast. Thomas took me to this hawker place near his house for Wan Tan Mee and indeed it was one of the best. We then left for my house at about 10am, and he paid my parents a visit for about an hour or two before returning to this house.

After lunch, it was my turn to go over to his place to visit his mum and we all had a wonderful conversation about so many things. At about 4pm, I returned home and started packing and took a shower before we all left for dinner, and then to my dad's hometown - Gerik. 

We had a rather early dinner at Unique Seafood at about 6.30pm. It was a dinner that symbolizes 3 celebration - Our own family's little reunion dinner, dad's advanced birthday and for my outstanding result last semester which I would be granted once more a place in Dean's List.

The journey from Ipoh to Gerik took us about 2 hours when it usually takes us only about 1.5 hours. As it was already late, we hurried to unload all of our stuff from the trunk, and got our room ready for bed time.

27th January 2017

There wasn't much activity that happened on this day. I wanted to woke up early to help my parents with the cleaning but then I was too tired and slept in till about 10am. At about 10.30am, I woke my sister up because I was hungry and we both then went over to the mamak next door to grab some breakfast. The rest of the day was spent watching TV, helped our relatives with some errands and mostly entertaining our young nephews and nieces.

Fun fact, my family have our reunion meal during lunch time instead of dinner every year. Never really wondered why but that has been pretty much our tradition to do so. However, there's so many of us in the family, we couldn't possibly all sit at both the round tables. So we had to take turns and then take over empty seats when each of us had done eating. And yes, there's 2 round tables that can fit about 10 people each and there's still not enough space to accommodate everyone. Heck, not everyone would be already back at that time. Some may arrive only later in the evening, and some only on the first day itself. This is how big the size of my paternal family is. And it's still growing.

Anyway, fast forward to 11.30pm (yes, at night), all of us proceeded to visit a few temples to offer our prayers. And again, I don't know why we visit the temples at night when most of the people would do so in the next morning. 

The few of us who managed to stay up to visit temple.

28th January 2017 (Chinese New Year Day 1)

Started the day at 7.30am, dressed up, slap on some makeup and went over next door for breakfast. My family was one of the first to be up and ready (as usual). At 10am, all of us headed out to another temple before paying a visit to our granduncle and grandaunt in Gerik.

My sister and I

My nephews and nieces

From left: Me, my sister Adeline, Kean Huei, and Jeffrey one of the our eldest nephew who is 14 this year.

Super unglamorous shot of me, but here's our family portrait on the first day of Chinese New Year

See how a different angle makes so much different? Hehe. #OOTD

This is me being so ready to fall back asleep

Another group shot with my sister, cousin, nephew and nieces.

No pictures were taken at my granduncle's place as most of them were gambling. At about noon, we proceeded back home in Gerik for lunch, and that was when my cousin sisters from Alor Setar arrived!

From left: Adeline, Kean Huei, Yu Ming, me, Yu Xiu

Before lunch began, we first had a round of lou sang. Remembered I mentioned that we have 2 dining tables? Goes the same for Yee Sang - we have 2 sets of it, one of my dad's generation (the adults) and another for my generation (the no longer small kids). The one on our table was the messiest because there were just too many of us lou-ing one Yee Sang. Before anyone could eat, the Yee Sang was all over the table and no longer on the plate. Watch the video to understand what I mean.

At 3pm, my family and I headed over to Penang (maternal side of the family). We arrived Penang within 2 hours, and we started getting ready for steamboat that night.

As per tradition, it was then time for more gambling after dinner, and here I shall make a confession: I do not know how to gamble. So I just sat next to my sister to understand the game while joining in the fun and hype that was going on.

Around midnight, the 4 of us went out for a night drive around Penang. We wanted to go to Ayer Itam  but we missed a turning and ended up going to Gurney instead.

29th January 2017

My mum took my grandma to church in the morning while my sister and I slept in again. We pretty much started the day with lunch at a restaurant nearby my grandma's place called Double Good. Came here a few times and it's by far one of the best restaurants we've been to!

Can never start a meal without some Yee Sang during Chinese New Year!

After lunch, the 4 of us plus my grandma went to St. Anne's church in Bukit Mertajam. I have only seen pictures of it but have not been there personally and so, it was my very first visit there that day. The place is so gorgeous and picture worthy!

Photo credits to my sister for all the solo shots! I got the angle for her and asked her not to move while I go berpattern-pattern in front of my iPhone 6s. Hehe.

We then dropped my grandma back home after that as we can see that she was super tired already, and we headed to Awesome Canteen in Sekeping Victoria for coffee. My mum found the place from somewhere and suggested we go to have a visit. Will blog in more detail about this place soon!

After drinks, we headed over to a hawker centre nearby where they sell non-spicy laksa! We found out about the place a few years back and it became one of my favourite place to have laksa because I can't consume spicy food. I'm just at the stage whereby I really wish to eat spicy food but I just can't. #toughlife. 

Dinner that night was at KFC as how my mum puts it, it's the year of the rooster so we shall have some chicken. Haha.

30th January 2017

My last day in Penang as well as with my family. We went for brunch in Black Kettle which serves really good food with a super nice ambience of the cafe. And again, will blog about the place in more detailed next time!

At 12.30pm, my parents sent me off at the airport for me to catch a flight back to KL - which explains my previous emo blog entry.

So, there you go. This is how I had spent my Chinese New Year this year. Hope you readers didn't fall asleep halfway. Haha. And as I am finishing off this entry, it's already 1.05am when I need to be up by 6am for work. Sighs. #life Apologies that this blog post took so long. I've been either overly exhausted or got my attention glued to a newly bought 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. Heh.

Till my next post guys. Cheers!

Signing off.

Sincerely, Mels.

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