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It's that time of the year again where I put so much effort and energy on two major things:

1. Where to go for a nice meal?
2. What gift should I get him for his birthday?

If only I am able to focus and give as much to my academic assignments as I did to plan this birthday agenda, I'll probably be a 4.0 scholar now. Haha. Jokes aside, I genuinely do love to make nice plans and surprises for those who I love and care about, and of course, there's no hassle or whatsoever in doing so although sometimes I do run out of ideas and it takes me slightly more time to plan one. 

So, for my boyfriend's birthday this year, I had decided to bring him to dine in The Chateau Spa & Organic Wellness Resort in Bukit Tinggi. Well, my initial plan was to put up a night there as this was something he has mentioned to me before, but looking at their nightly price there, I thought it would be more meaningful to make that our anniversary target (so that we can split the bill haha), and this round we would just dine there. 

As his birthday falls on a Tuesday this year, I thought it would give us more time to celebrate and relax if I were to have it planned on a weekend. On Thursday, I managed to make a reservation to dine in one of their restaurants, La Vie, which is their poolside all day dining restaurant. They do have a few different types of restaurants such as bars, french dining, etc.. By looking at the description written on their website, I felt that La Vie would suit both our taste buds better and since it's located at the poolside, it would give us a more peaceful and serene ambience, and I was right. 

View from our table

I opted for an outdoor table hoping that the air would be cool outside for us to dine comfortably. It wasn't warm nor cold on that day, so it was just nice. Also, I believe that if we have opted for indoors, we wouldn't have been able to enjoy the peacefulness of the resort. 

Upon being seated, I was given this low table for me to put my handbag. To be honest, when they first placed it next to me, I was wondering and contemplating if it's really for my handbag or is there other use to it. But anyhoo, it should be for my handbag, I think. Haha. That was seriously the first time I've seen such thing or even such service!

After placing our orders, I handed the birthday boy his birthday gift and this was him trying to figure out what I meant by "I hope this gift motivates you" that was written on the paper. And no, it was not from Bath & Body Works, I just needed a bag. 

And again, no it's not a box of tissue, I just needed something to give the present a shape and for easy wrapping as well. Read till the end to find out what I got him!

Before we were served with our drinks, we were given a selection of bread to choose from. The waiter was holding a basket with all sorts of bread in it and asked me which one I would prefer to have. Not knowing a single name of each type of the bread, I just pointed out one that looked most normal to me and said "that one'. How 'un-atas' of me. Whereas when the waiter went to Thomas, he responded with the actual bread name which I don't even remember what was it.

After that, we were served with mushroom soup that we have ordered for starters and it was so so delicious! I used to not be a big fan of garlic bread, but the ones they served in La Vie totally changed my perception of it. The ones I usually have is always too strong with their butter or garlic, and it's lumpy which I don't find it very nice. But the ones they served in La Vie was just nice and I loved it! It was crispy as if like you're eating toast but with the flavoring of a garlic bread which was not too strong of just a single ingredient. 

If you have followed me on my blog for long enough, you would know that I am very bad when it comes to remembering the names for each dishes. Unfortunately, this is another case of it. Don't remember what was the actual name called, but this is their carbonara pasta which Thomas ordered. 

And this is what I ordered, Spaghetti Bolognese. Both the pasta were good and the portion was huge! I only managed to finish half of mine. The pastas came with a garlic bread as well as parmesan cheese.

Wonderful portrait of us taken by one of their waiters.

We took our time eating and just enjoyed the moment as well as the place. Opposite our table was the swimming pool with a few poolside cabanas. Our initial plan was to take a walk around the place, but it started raining when we were finishing our lunch. Hence, we didn't get to see much but only areas which were covered as we were walking back out to the lobby.

Personally, I feel that The Chateau has one of the best service ever! When we first drove in, one of their staff came to greet us at the car! Which hotel does that? I mean this is so far my first encounter. We were then led and explain on the direction to La Vie. Halfway through, we were greeted yet another staff who was working behind a counter and she continued to direct us to the restaurant. The waiters in the restaurant were humble and friendly. This place deserves a 5/5 and I can't wait to come back at the end of the year if our plan works out! Thank you The Chateau for giving us the best experience!

After lunch, we decided to drive over to Colmar Tropicale to see what we can do there since we have already driven up. Thankfully when we got there, the rain wasn't as heavy and was manageable for us to walk around. Also, with the rain, the air was even colder and breeze were also stronger. Again, not complaining because KL has been rather hot lately. Please be prepared for loads of photos!

View from entrance

Thank you self-timer

Ice cream time!

We then journeyed back home at about 4pm. Just a short trip but it was definitely a nice one!

And if you're still wondering what was his birthday gift, this is what I had got him. Sports top and bottom to 'motivate' him for gym. Ahaha!

Happy Birthday, love! I hope you loved the mini out-of-town getaway that I have planned for you. Have a good one ❤️

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  1. AnonymousMay 18, 2017

    sweetness overload..hehehe..bdw, what camera you're using? thanks:-)

    1. Thank you for your comment. Photos were mostly shot with iPhone7 Plus. Selfies were taken with Canon G7X.

  2. AnonymousMay 25, 2017

    Hi Melissa,

    Whats the food price range like? is it reasonable and how about the taste?

    1. Hi there! Food portion was huge for me but it was alright for my boyfriend as he is able to consume a regular sized Carbonara from Italiannies all by himself. Price is quite reasonable for both the portion as well as the place. In total we spent about RM200 for all that we ordered. Everything was delicious and I enjoyed it throughout. Hope my reply helps! :)