STG Tea House Cafe, Chateau Garden, Ipoh

by - October 27, 2013

After a whole day of assignments and revisions, it's time to take a little break on a Saturday night with my beloved family. It's been a while since the last trip I've been to STG Tea House and I miss their Tiramisu Cake really much. So, we decided to head to STG for dinner. Yay! Well, it's not a place that we can go regularly because it's quite pricey. This place is not located at a place where it's obvious and many people find it hard to locate the place. There's this little turning in front of Casuarina Hotel, Ipoh where it leads you into a small lane and just keep going straight until you see a building on your left, more like a banglo which looks like this :

STG Tea House Cafe, Ipoh
(STG - Sabah Tea Garden)

Sorry for the low quality picture. I used my phone to capture this shot as I did not bring along my DSLR. How sad. 

The main entrance into the restaurant

Although it's not located at a prime location, but then that didn't stop people from coming to this place. When we arrived, the ground floor was full. So we were seated upstairs. The previous trip that I came, we sat downstairs. Personally I prefer the upstairs environment as it is more quiet and peaceful. Definitely a perfect place for a date for 2. 

The chandelior upstairs as their interior decoration

So, what do people usually do while waiting for their food to be served? Some people will talk to each other while some other people will do their own things. But for us? We play with our phone camera. :P As usual, we will always compare with each other's phone camera to see whose phone is the best. But the pictures here are all from my phone. 

With the one and only sister that I will ever have - Annoying Adeline :P

Mom and Dad

Trying to pull a smile as natural as I can although what's in my head that whole night was assignments, presentations and exams. Urgh! 

Being a typical asian at work, this is what I do every time a plate of food is served. 

Dad's Nasi Lemak

 Sister's Tea Smoked Chicken

Mom's Chicken Ham Spaghetti 

Mine - Grilled Salmon
(One of my favourite fish but also very expensive)

Tea for 3 as I'm not much of a tea person

Hot Chocolate
(my all time favourite)

Desserts :

Walnut Brownie

Tiramisu Cake
(The one that I mentioned earlier. The texture is somehow different from other ordinary Tiramisu cakes)

Nice environment, good food. What does that make? A happy meal!

PS: Time to save up money until I have enough to get myself an iPhone. Prefer their camera compared to the one I'm using now.
Signing off. Cheers ^^

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